Giants’ Free Agency Strategy: What’s the plan?

Build through the draft and fill needs via free agency. That’s the formula for success in the NFL. For the Giants to be successful, they must act swiftly if they are going to fill some needs with quality people.

WFAN’s Paul Dottino believes the Giants will strike quickly and sign two free agents on offense.

Now who those two players will be are still unknown. You have to think they would be anything but a QB at this point. If the Giants could land two of the players listed below, I think they will take some pressure off themselves on draft day…

RB: Ben Tate, Rashad Jennings, Knowshon Moreno
WR: James Jones, Dexter McCluster, Danario Alexander
TE: Andrew Quarless, Jermichael Finley, Brandon Pettigrew
C: Evan Dietrich-Smith, Brian de la Puente
OG: Geoff Schwartz, Jon Asamoah, Zane Beadles
OT: Eugene Monroe, Brandon Albert, Jared Veldheer

Should these players reach free agency, they will be among the “first wave” of names you’ll see signing deals next week. The Giants are in the market for players at all of these positions. Whether or not they have this group high on their lists remains to be seen.


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Jayson Love
Jayson Love

You guys need to stop freaking out.  It's a lost season and another ping pong ball


What gets me about yesterday is after G. Antetokounmpo openly mocks the Knicks and guarantees a victory, they come out down 14-0 from the start.  Yes they have limited talent, but this team also has no heart.

Richard Alicea
Richard Alicea

With or without MELO, this team stinks and it starts with our supposedly star MELO.  I was very vocal about not signing that stiff to a max contract...oh well there you have it, enjoy the ride until his contract expires.


Run.... what You BRUNG---

Starting O ???!!!???

WR R.Randle

TE A.Robinson***

L-OT W.Beatty

L-OG J.Brewer

OC D.Baas -for how long??? ***K.Boothe

R-OG B.Mosley

R-OT J.Pugh


RB M.Cox

S-WR V. Cruz

WR J.Jernigan

Starting D ???!!!???

L-DE D.Moore

L -DT J. Hankins

R-DT C.Jenkins


OLB S. Paysinger

MLB M. Herzlich

OLB J.Williams

CB P.Amukamara

SS A. Rolle

FS W.Hill

CB J.Hosley

You could Start Any where, EXCEPT:

QB-Eli   S/WR-Cruuuuz   R/OT-Pugh    SS-A.Rolle   CB-Prince


BPA for the O-Line,  in Price Range---

a OC that can play OG,

a Solid Vet to help OT W. Beatty, would be nice....

and to Back-Up Baas, at Center ...

*****RB MJD Inked to a 3 Year Deal,

Would Put the NYG BackField on the MAP...

and Pull another MAN into the BOX,

Freeing up the Secondary...

HELPing ELI...

RB D. Wilson should be seen as ABSENT,

NOT part of the PLAN---

Just a Bonus IF he returns....

Still Draft O-Line 1st. OT Lewan

Serge Marinkovic
Serge Marinkovic

Schwartz and Smith signed and I will sleep well for months. The draft take the OT from Michigan and a CB and WR. Let's see next 24 hours what happens to our team.

Brian Bannon
Brian Bannon

I'd expect it to be one of the top guards on the market and a runningback, if Reese could get a combo like Asamoah and Sproles on day 1 that would be a good start


@Brian Bannon  ... I doubt Sproles would come cheap, and furthermore, he's not an every down back and I wonder how he would fit blocking for Eli... other than that, he'd be a great change of pace back and catching passes out of the backfield, and would be a big boost to the Giants return game if Wilson doesn't regain his health. Speaking of return games, Trindon Holliday will be available as well. I would be interested in Hester for special teams, but obviously he would cost too much, and likely wants to go to Tampa to reunite with Lovie Smith...