Giants assign jersey numbers to rookies

The Giants have assigned uniform numbers to the following 18 rookies:

WR Odell Beckham, Jr. # 13
C Weston Richburg # 60
DL Jay Bromley # 96
RB Andre Williams # 34
S Nat Berhe # 33
LB Devon Kennard # 59
CB Bennett Jackson # 36
DT Kelcy Quarles # 97
DE Emmanuel Dieke # 79
S Thomas Gordon # 29
LB Dan Fox # 47
DE Jordan Stanton # 66
WR Travis Harvey # 88
LB Justin Anderson #46
S CJ Bennett # 43
DT Eaythn Manumaleuna # 64
K Brandon McManus # 6
DE Kerry Wynn # 69

Due to his late signing, TE Xavier Grimble has not yet been assigned a number.


Do all these guys get C on there uniforms for being captains? If everyone on your team has a captains C how do you know whose the real captain.


Why is Lyeria not a Giant yet? This guy could be a huge addition to this offense and another steal. And if he acts up all you have to do is release him.  

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

Keep in mind, the number they are issued for camp is not guaranteed to be their number if they make the team.

Most famous example - LT was 98 during his initial camp - and obviously he wore another number once the season began.



I think you mean Lyerla...and supposedly his nickname is "ankle bracelet" and has had numerous personal issues and run ins with the authorities, so that's probably your answer. After all the Aaron Hernandez stuff, I don't think the Giants want to take any chances with this guy...


@fast_eddie If he does anything all you have to do is release him. And if he stops the crap and stays clean he could be a bigger add then any of their draft picks. Players have done this Adam Jones, Vick etc