Giants and Geoff Schwartz agree to terms

The Giants and Geoff Schwartz have agreed to terms on a deal (Jones, March 11). He is expected to sign with the team on Wednesday (Stapleton, March 11).

Schwartz signed a one-year, $1.2 million deal (with incentives) to play for the Chiefs last season.

He was drafted in 2008, played with the Panthers through 2011. He played for the Vikings in 2012.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Now you know the answer to who will fill one of the Giants’ open sores on the offensive line. Schwartz is a mammoth-sized player (6’6″, 340) that will give the Giants some surge up front. As stated above, Schwartz was part of three quality rushing offenses, including the 2012 Vikings that featured Adrien Peterson’s near record-breaking season.

Geoff, 27, is not to be confused with his younger brother, Mitchell, 24, who is a lineman for the Browns. Geoff attended Oregon, while Mitchell hails from Cal.


@Peter Sinapi  ....   I'm still not convinced Snee will be up to par when the season begins. I would hope Reese would sign a good LT and move Beatty to RT so Pugh could be moved inside. However, this Schwartz signing makes it very unlikely at this point that Reese will be targeting a FA Left Tackle. I still like this signing, but I am still hoping (perhaps false hope), that he would sign a LT as well. The when our spot came up in the draft, we wouldn't have to be locked in to drafting Lewan based on need, rather we could draft a Mike Evans or Eric Ebron instead to give Eli a reliable and dangerous weapon.


@SNYGiants......  I agree, but if we signed a veteran LT and Beatty and Pugh we moved to different spots on the line in order to better the quality and depth of the OL, then it makes it less of a "need" to draft Lewan. In fact, even if Mike Evans were not available at #12, the Giants would be able to trade down for more draft picks for any team desperate for Lewan, and the Giants may still be able to get Ebron or someone else they like, Trading down wouldn't be as likely an option if they don't sign a veteran LT. Signing a LT just gives them more options once the draft rolls around. With so many holes to fill on the roster, I think collecting some draft picks makes some sense.