FYI: NFL Minimum Salaries

Someone asked us the other day about the NFL’s minimum salary schedule. As per the 2011 CBA, the minimum salaries are as follows:

Screen shot 2013-07-12 at 6.56.26 AM

For those concerned, FB Vonta Leach, going into year 10, has nine accrued seasons. His minimum salary for 2013 is slated at $840k. Of course bonuses and incentives can be – and usually are – attached to each deal, so signing Leach is probably going to run his new team around $1.2 million or so.

The Ravens have a standing offer to Leach believed to be around $1.33 million, which is the dead money cap charge they must carry after releasing him last month. His 2013 cap number was $4.33 million, so the Ravens realized a $3 million cap savings by cutting Leach.