Falcons QB Matt Ryan motivated by playoff loss to Giants

In a Q&A with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan spoke candidly about being motivated by the Falcons’ 24-2 loss at the hands of the Giants in last year’s Wildcard round of the playoffs.

Asked whether that loss has served as motivation for the fifth-year signal caller, Ryan was very politically correct in his response.

“It’s one of the motivations that pushes you when you fall short in the playoffs,” Ryan said. “But we’re a different football team than we were last year and they’re a different football team than they were in the playoffs last year.”

The Giants defense has held opponents to just 18 points per game since their Week 11 bye. On the other side of the spectrum, Atlanta, owners of the league’s 9th-ranked offense, has averaged 26 points per game.

To have a successful performance against this Big Blue D, Ryan explained, the Falcons need to exercise good ball control.

“They do a good job of creating turnovers. I think it starts with their front four. They do a great job of rushing the passer,” Ryan said. “We’ve just got to find ways in terms of scheme and with our effort and with the way we play to negotiate their front four. Then we have to win our one-on-one matchups when we have them on the outside.”

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