Fact: Tom Coughlin uses PowerPoint, catch phrases

Sam Spiegelman

The hard-nosed disciplinarian we know as Tom Coughlin uses a tactical approach to reach his players — in the form of PowerPoint slides and catch phases.

The Giants head coach has made a slogan out of each of the team’s goals over the past couple of years, beginning in 2007 when he nicknamed his team the “road warriors” as they embarked on a four-game winning streak en route to a Super Bowl championship.

Every Wednesday, Coughlin comes up with a phrase that best describes his team’s goals for the week ahead. Other phrases have included …

  • “All in”
  • “No toughness, no championship”
  • “Build the bridge”
  • “Talk is cheap, play the game”
  • “Finish”
  • “Destiny in a matter of choice”

Justin Tuck, who has become accustomed to Coughlin’s messages in recent years, said in fact they do work.

“The older you get, you kind of don’t need it, but I appreciate the fact that he’s one of these guys that studies all this tape and reads all these types of books,” the Giants defensive end said. “He’s always trying to find an edge, trying to find some trigger point for this team and he’s been very successful at it. Every year he seems to come into camp with one thing that he wants this team to be built on. This team does a great job of kind of picking it up and making it our mantra, too.”

The best part: Coughlin expresses his messages via PowerPoint.

Formerly recognized as the ultimate business slideshow mechanism, PowerPoint has gotten a bit of rough rep in recent years.

For your pleasure …

Hmmm. I wonder if Coughlin resembles Michael Scott at all (or if anyone has ever tried to connect the two.

Said Tuck: “He’s a Powerpoint guy. He’s definitely a Powerpoint guy.”

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