Execution the issue for the offense, Eli and Cruz say

Eli Manning and Victor Cruz both think the team knows what they need to do, but just aren’t executing it correctly.

“No matter how well you game plan, it’s still the execution on the field that’s the most important thing,” Manning said on Monday. “We know we’ve got to perform at a higher level and make some plays that are out there and be more consistent.”

Manning had just one completion in the team’s third preseason game on Saturday. Victor Cruz is yet to make a catch so far.

“We do some great things on the practice field, and now we just have to translate that over to the game,” Cruz said.

“We can’t do things faster because it is game speed or feel like we are rushing things. We just have to settle in and play the way we play when we are on the practice field when we are making plays and doing a lot of positive things out there,” the wide receiver said.

Tom Coughlin challenged his starters that if they’re not playing better in Friday’s game, they will have to play more in the final tuneup before the season starts.

“We’re just going to keep working this week in practice, try to make improvements and hopefully the good things we’ve been doing in practice will carry over into the game,” Manning said.

Matt 'Chilli Sauce' Ward
Matt 'Chilli Sauce' Ward

I've watched all 3 pre season games and I haven't seen Cruz drop a pass? Randle has dropped a few but cruz from memory hasn't been targeted, so you can lay off the dropped catches.

However our two time MVP, need to pull his finger out of his behind. Pressure is on, he's gotta start making plays... Simple as, for the whole of the time manning was on the field against the colts he didn't make 10 yards without a defensive infraction resulting in a first down, it was a really painful watch. Good luck Eli, I really hope you can turn it round.

Did anyone else notice the unexpected bright spots, TEs, Davis touch down, and major back to back plays from Robinson right at the end. Looking forward to seeing what the latter of the two can do in the next few preseason games.

Washington and Williams have been the unexpected standouts for the 3 preseason games so far. Washington long body it a massive fade threat, touchdown all year long there. & Williams is going to see a lot of carry a this year, he seems to already be taking all of the short yardage situs!


There is no defending the bad play, they've just looked horrible all around on offense. No more excuses, time to execute and make plays in the next pre season game etc...or we as fans and you as players/coaches are just going to have to admit that either Eli is done as a starter in this league, Offenisve coordinator isn't that good or Giants just didn't do enough to improve the team (offensive line, WR and not getting a legit TE)

..... if they continue look/play like they have in the pre-season (starting group - Eli etc..) than the Giants are in for a long season and an under .500 record. 

Next preseason game is very important for Giants to get on track and show themselves they aren't as bad as they have been so far. Eli and company need to play well and make things happen. 


What will be the discussion when they start 0-2?

Jim Misiano
Jim Misiano

Dropped passes by Cruz and INT by Eli are the issues I'm concerned with.