DRC, Thurmond proud to be wearing the Blue

In just two days, the Giants upgraded their CB corps with the signings of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Walter Thurmond. Both are excited to be joining the Giants, one of the league’s flagship franchises.

There’s something to be said about the trophy case when you visit QDTC that casts a spell on all who enter. No better recruiting tool than four Lombardi trophies and 90 years of history on the walls.

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

“The main thing, bringing in guys from Kansas City, Seattle, you can see what they’re doing, trying to bring guys that are going to come in and lead by example. That’s always a plus.”

“I definitely believe this is a championship team. Starting with Eli, a great quarterback, a guy that you know can get it done. He’s done it, proven it before. They’re bringing in a lot of pieces, so I definitely think it’s going in the right direction.”

“I haven’t really found anywhere to just call home for real. So if I can just settle down and find a place to be home, I know my best football is ahead of me.”

CB Walter Thurmond

“I wanted to meet other teams and see what was out there. Once I came here and met the coaching staff and heard the opportunities they presented to me, I couldn’t resist. It was a testament to the coaching staff. I got along with everybody, coach (Tom) Coughlin, the general manager (Jerry Reese), the DBs coaches – just great people out here.”

“I’m a competitor. I play the game to win championships. The Giants organization has a lot of prestige, a lot of history in that aspect of winning four Super Bowls. We want to bring another one here.”

“I’m all about competition. I know they have a need here. I’m going to bring my work ethic and make the most of the opportunity they’re going to give me.”

Quotes courtesy of Giants public relations dept

Kevin Joseph Patrick
Kevin Joseph Patrick

No one is perfect when predicting offseason moves, but this is falling in line with what I thought the Giants should do to improve their team. When you asked reader opinion on what the Giants should do, the first thing I said they should do is to bring back T2 as their slot CB & then go hard after either DR-C or Antonio Cromartie. I also stated that they should hold off upgrading the WR position until the draft because this year's draft is deep with WR talent. What Jerry Reese did here was even better than what I thought he should do. Thurmond is a better slot corner than T2 is & is a significant upgrade. Thurmond also showed the ability to play outside once Browner went down with his suspension. What makes slot WRs so dangerous is their ability to get off the line with little contact. Thurmond is a physical corner who will definitely make it tough for these guys to get off the line. As for DR-C, the guy's résumé speaks for itself. The amount of money he was given is in line with his abilities. Once I heard he was meeting with the Giants after leaving the Jets on Saturday, I knew he was a lock to be wearing blue next year. Even if the money was close, the Giants have a lot more to offer than do the Jets. The Giants have a stable coaching staff, recent championships, and an elite QB that always keeps them in striking range of the playoffs & Super Bowl. Once a player gets the taste of a Super Bowl, as DR-C did with Denver last year, the player wants to be back. The Jets only had 2 division titles since 1970, a coach on the hot seat, and anything but a franchise QB to offer him. This signing is a message that Reese understands that the way you have a successful defense has changed from a solid front 4 with a great pass rush to a very good back 4-5 where you cover guys down the field & force QBs to hold the ball longer than they should.

It appears that in order to facilitate this move the Giants had to rework Kiwi's contract. From what I read, it saves them $2 million in cap room this season. That should still leave them with about $7-$8 million in room after this signing. I would like to see them go hard after either Finley with an incentive-laden contract ($2-$3 million guaranteed for 1 year) or De La Puente ($4 million guaranteed base this year). Which ever direction they go, they should improve the other in the draft. They should still go after Kelvin Benjamin in the first round, which could allow for them to trade back in the first round & add another 2nd round pick. In the second round they should target a TE (Niklas - ND) & a G/C (Yankey - Stanford; Martin - USC). If they're able to do that in the draft, they may not have to go after De La Puente or Finley. Regardless of how the remainder of FA plays out, I give Reese a 2 thumbs up so far. He is doing a great job filling holes & rounding out the roster with solid depth.


@Kevin Joseph Patrick  

Good points you made and I'm right with you in everything you said except for who you would draft in the first round. I am dead set on bolstering the Offensive line first and foremost. I have been a broken record with my feelings here about Taylor Lewan if he's still there at 12. The dude is a MONSTER and if we line  him up with Pugh and Geoff Scwartz, Eli will be well protected and our running game will get back to where we once were a few years ago when Bradshaw and Jacobs were in their prime. After that, I'm with you with a nice big TE that can block and provide a BIG target for Eli...or Defensive line which is also a need.