DE Robert Ayers visiting with Giants

Veteran NFL reporter Howard Balzer reported that former Denver Broncos DE Robert Ayers visited the Giants yesterday.

The Daily News’ Ebenezer Samuel tells us this morning that Ayers is still in town…

Rotoworld: It’s Ayers’ first trip in over two weeks. He made a visit to Cincinnati shortly after the start of free agency. He’d be a situational pass rusher for a Giants team that’s remaking its defensive line.

Not a very hot commodity as you can see. Ayers, 28, was the No. 18 overall selection out of Tennessee in the 2009 NFL Draft. The Broncos originally used the Jersey City native as an OLB before moving him to DE in 2011.

Ayers is not known for his passrushing ability, recording only 12 sacks over his five-year career, although 5.5 of those came in 2013.

The Giants, should they sign him, will use him in their DE rotation as a situational player. They currently have only three DE’s on the roster – Jason Pierre-Paul, Mathias Kiwanuka and Damontre Moore.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

It's crazy how all I was hearing coming into this offseason is how this team had no room under the cap to sign anyone, and here they are, going on this crazy spending spree, and still bringing players in to potentially sign.

Were the reports just that off, or is Reese and the front office that crafty with their money?


It sure took long enough to bring this guy in. Now get him signed, makes way to much sense. And with the signing of Brown you don't have to draft a T in the first round. Benjiman from Florida St would be my pick. Then trade back into the first Rd and draft your TE.

You could trade back a few spots and get Benjiman, and get 2 to 3 extra picks. While using 1 of those picks to get back into the first. While grabbing a stud WR and a stud TE.