Daily News Live: Giants upstaging Jets in Free Agency

In these parts, the Jets usually dominate the news during the offseason while the Giants sit on their hands making only measured moves.

Not this season. The Giants experienced their first losing season in a decade in 2013 and are in facelift mode, signing younger players and filling holes left by departing, aging veterans.

The Jets have been relatively quiet this month, signing WR Eric Decker and passing on Darrelle Revis allowing him to be snatched up by the hated Patriots.

The Daily News Live panel discusses whether Giants GM Jerry Reese is doing a better job in free agency than Jets GM John Idzik.



I don't think Reese is "acting" like anything. He's simply doing his job which is to make the team better. I don't think Jerry is saying to himself "I've got to overpay players AND upstage the Jets too". He's done an excellent job considering his cap space was limited compared to the Jets and lots of other teams too..