Coughlin impressed by Corey Washington

Tom Coughlin was impressed after Corey Washington’s 73-yard touchdown catch helped the Giants to their 17-13 win over the Buffalo Bills in the Hall of Fame Game Sunday (ESPN, August 4).

“How about Corey Washington?” Coughlin said of Washington’s catch in which he essentially picked a pass off the helmet of a defender and bolted to the end zone. “Wasn’t that some play by that kid?”

Coughlin acknowledged Washington’s height as a big contributing factor to his stand out performance.

“You do sit up and notice when you see it,” Coughlin said of the wide receiver’s height. “Because you think, ‘Can he take the ball off the top of the defender?’ And Corey just showed that he could.”

As far as things go for Washington, he was just excited he had the opportunity to show his team what he’s capable of.

“A game like this is important for a small-school guy like myself,” said Washington, who is an undrafted rookie out of tiny Newberry College in South Carolina. “This is a chance to show the coaches what I have so I can make that 53-man roster.”


Yes, a Un-Drafted, 

NOT going to make the Team,

 6th String WR,

went Deep and Fought Over the 3rd string DB,

to make a great catch,

and than scored...........A+

Now the Throw,

QB Nassib, threw it Late,

and UNDER THREW it....

 in a GAME,

9 outta 10 times

thats Knocked Down or a INT....

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

Great play, but it was one play against third stringers. I'd like to see more before I get too excited.

But certainly there is potential


That was a heck of a catch and run by Washington, kind of reminded me of Hakeem Nicks when he would fight the defender for the ball, back when he cared to.

Heard the Colts are pretty unhappy with Nicks  already.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@Jeff Comerford  I'm not saying they are on the same course, but just think back to a relatively unknown Victor Cruz tearing up 3rd string Jets defenders just a few short years ago.

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

@Michael Frias @Jeff Comerford Lets not get ahead of ourselves here.  It was an exciting play, and he's got great size.  But, there have been a lot of August superheroes that disappear once september arrives.

remember adawle ojomo? wasn't he supposed to be the next dine stud for the giants?

I can only hope he mirrors Cruz's career -but its still too early.  Lets see him play against #1 DB's first....