Cornerback Should Be Atop Giants’ FA Shopping List

From SNYGiants Contributor Matthew Cohen 

In my opinion, once the offensive line is shored up, the Giants’ biggest area of need will be cornerback.

Pro Football Focus’ data (for an example) generally confirms what Giants’ fans have suspected. Prince Amukamara proved in 2013 that he is an excellent number 2 cornerback and should be at least a decent number 1. Corey Webster’s rapid decline, however, leaves the Giants without another starting corner.

Hopefully, Jayron Hosley will become more consistent and will be a decent slot corner but he likely doesn’t have the height to be a number 1 or 2. It will be a miracle if Terrell Thomas can contribute in some way in 2013 after 3 ACL surgeries. In any case, he can’t seriously be counted on as a number 1 or 2 corner.

The Giants have a hole at cornerback large enough to drive a truck through and in the NFL, if you can’t stop the pass, you can’t win consistently.

The Giants will not have a lot of room to sign free agents. My current guess is that the Giants will do the following:

Additional Cuts (or dramatic salary reductions): Diehl, Webster
RFA tender: Cruz (first round), Brown (second round)
Giant Free Agent signings: Beatty, Boothe, Brown, Tynes
Allow to Walk Away: Bennett, Phillips

Assuming that the Giants are lucky enough to re-sign their free agents at slightly back end loaded deals, they will have about $3 million to play with. Add in a few million from additional borrowing from future years and that might be enough to tempt a decent player.

My opinion is that the one big non-Giant free agent signing (unless Beatty goes elsewhere and Reese has to sign another team’s left tackle) will be a cornerback. The Giants do not like to go into the draft with a big need to fill. That leads to overdrafting and hurts the team’s long term competitiveness. Look for an early signing of a capable corner to fill in this crucial need.