Coordinator Carousel Spins Wildly While Giants Watch From Afar

This is the time of the year where NFL teams evaluate their coaching staffs and make the necessary changes. Some teams loses coaches to other opportunities, while others simply dismiss underachievers in favor of candidates better suited for the job.

Eight teams made changes at the top and several others changed coordinators. We here at SNYGiants thought we’d see some changes on the Giants’ staff this year, but it’s become apparent that won’t be happening. We’ve been watching as some quality candidates changed addresses. Not of them will be coming to East Rutherford.

The Giants’ OC, Kevin Gilbride, is the longest-tenured coordinator in the league. He has been a head coach in the past in the NFL (San Diego) and despite earning two Super Bowl rings calling the plays here with the Giants, his name is rarely mentioned in the head coaching carousel.

Same goes for DC Perry Fewell, who held an interim head coaching position with Buffalo a few years back. He has a SB ring to his credit as well. Unlike Gilbride, Fewell has received interest from several teams regarding a top job but many are chalking those opportunities up as Rooney Rule-mandates.

So if no one else wants these coaches, why do the Giants – who strive for excellence mind you – still want them?

The Giant offense is statistically sound under Gilbride and Eli has developed a solid rapport with him. It will be difficult to separate the two at this juncture. The Giant offensive struggles seemed to derive from not having key players healthy all year more than anything else. Still, the playcalling is stale at times to point where it’s almost predictable.

The defense has little or no excuse for finishing 30th overall in the NFL this season. The Giants rely on their pass rush and now we know why. When the pass rush is neutralized, the whole scheme goes into meltdown. No one can cover consistently and guys are out of place all over the field. Oh, and few beat the guy in front of them, not to mention missed tackles galore.

Is this Fewell’s fault? Partially. He is the guy in charge and needed to compensate for the subpar play of defensive line. They could not stop the run and did not harass passers enough to make a difference. Fewell had no answers and the Giants got pounded more often than this reporter cared to see.

The Giants, however, are not holding him accountable. He is coming back in 2013. Not quite sure what will be different. I feel a change is needed here. Not just the coordinator, but perhaps some assistants and players, too.

It is understood that you can win with a contain defense. The Packers, Redskins and Patriots give up a ton of yards, too. Maybe they don’t care because they score right back. For the Giants, it’s not what we’re used to and when the defense gets blown off the field, it’s more than an L in the standings. It’s a shot in the shorts.

They need to get back to an attack-style. Get some good cover people on the outside. How about a linebacker that teams have to account for?

By his own admission, Reese simply said the LBs “did okay”.

“I think the unit as a whole could do better… I do think we have to have better linebacker play moving forward,” he said. In order for that to happen, he’s gotta get better players.

Several years ago, Reese said the defense allowed too many big plays. especially down the middle of the field. ¬†They’ve done some patchwork, threw some band-aids on the problem bit have not solved it. Under Fewell and his bend-but-don’t-break system, it seems that we are resigned to more of the same going forward.

I’n not a proponent of ‘change for the sake of change’. But in the Giants’ case, I feel something has got to change this offseason. Perhaps they are working on it this very moment. ¬†They better be. They can’t go into 2013 with this group and this scheme.

Tom Coughlin said in his final presser of 2012 that Fewell would be back. Asked if there be any changes to the coaching staff in general, Coughlin didn’t flinch:

“Not that I would speak about, or have intention of.” Hmmmm