Chris Canty gives formula for ‘signature’ performance

Chris Canty doesn’t believe the Giants have played their best game just yet.

And I guess he makes a valid point. If you look at the team’s most impressive wins, they have all come in different ways.

Last week against the Saints, it was special teams and offense, with a major assist from turnovers.

Against the 49ers back in Week 6, it was their usual M.O. — defensive pressure — in which the team recorded five sacks in a blowout win.

The following week, against the Redskins, it was a fourth-quarter comeback piloted by Eli Manning.

And in the win over Green Bay following the bye week, again it was their defense smothering Aaron Rodgers for five sacks.

So, the Giants have the formula down pat — stopping the run, rushing the passer and forcing turnovers — they have just failed to bring all three elements together in one game, which leaves room for the team to reach their potential in the post-season.

“While we’ve given up quite a few yards, we’ve had opportunities to get the ball back to our offense in a number of different ways,’’ Canty said. “And that’s the most important thing, just being able to give them the ball back.’’

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