Beason says he’s representing himself in free agency

Giants’ free-agent LB Jon Beason has informed the world that he’ll be representing himself in any upcoming contract negotiations.

From Pro Football Talk:

Veteran linebacker Jon Beason is going to save himself 3 percent on his next deal.But he’s costing himself three days in the process….as a result, teams other than the Giants can’t talk to him until Tuesday, taking him out of the three-day legal tampering window.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Giants’ GM Jerry Reese said all of the team’s UFAs “deserved” an opportunity to test the free agent market. Many insiders felt that Beason would be the exception in that group and the team would try to lock him up before the deadline. Doesn’t look like that will happen, however.


all's this means is,

LB Beason knows his Magic Number....

He's got his Number,

Beason, KNOWs what he's worth...

and on March 14th,

TEAMs will find out, what that Number is...


LB Chase BlackBurn took,

 LB Jon Beason's, Roster Spot on the Panthers...

Brian Bannon
Brian Bannon

After seeing D'Qwell Jackson get a 4 yr $22 million deal i think that kinda helps lay out a structure to work off for Beason, Jackson has been much more durable than Jon, my guess is if he does come back it'll be for a deal a little less than that, maybe something in the 4 yr $18 million range


Thanks Jon for wanting to absolutely be with the Giants this next season. I can tell that statement came from the ...heart?$$$$$$$$

I know it's strictly a business Jon, but please don't F_ _ck with us.


@Skookaloop  ...  Yes, he took Beason's spot, but if I recall correctly, he didn't have a great season with the Panthers, nothing that stood out significantly from Beason's effort. I think if you were to extrapolate Beason's season over an entire 16 game schedule, his numbers would have been MUCH better than Blackburn, so I'm not at all missing Blackburn. I'd rather have Beason back than Blackburn at this point. The only downside is Reese would have wasted a 7th round pick if Beason isn't brought back. He's gambling no one will pay him too much, and I think that may be a poor bluff. Beason will certainly have more suitors than Reese thinks.