Beason, Brown main targets

Bringing back Jon Beason and Stevie Brown are “top priorities” for the Giants (Orr).

Less so with TE Brandon Myers, who the team parted ways with over the weekend (BBB).

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Beason and Brown are the low-hanging fruit for Jerry Reese this offseason. They both have indicated a desire to return to the club in 2014. The Giants like both players and it goes without saying their defense needs these guys as well.

There’s a lot of holes to fill this spring, but reeling these two in before the free agency period begins March 11, would give the Giants a nice start to their offseason.


LB J. Beason Will NOT be BACK...

Chances are he will be a RedSkin or Cowboy....

S Stevie Brown, has a Good Chance at being GIANT,

after a Knee Injury other Teams will be Over-Careful....

He was a PRODUCER, he will get a LOW BALL offer from REESE,

and might have to take a 1 year Show-and-Go Deal...