Adrien Robinson

Adrien Robinson may not be favorite to start at tight end

Adrien Robinson has been thought of as the likely starter at tight end, but hasn’t earned that distinction yet (Raanan, June 19).

While Robinson has worked with the first-team offense more often than not this Spring – and performed well – tight ends coach Kevin M. Gilbride is not ready to name him the starter:

“It’s fully open right now to all five guys. Whoever can step in and play the role the best way, that is the way we need to go. We’re not worried about who was drafted where, who was just signed in the offseason, who is a rookie. None of that matters.”

Robinson, 25, was drafted in the fourth round in 2012.

According to Gilbride, while Robinson is skilled, he needs to work on his consistency, technique, and body control.

If Robinson doesn’t ultimately emerge as the starter, it will likely come down to either Kellen Davis, Larry Donnell, Daniel Fells, or Xavier Grimble.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

The window could be closing on Robinson this season if he cannot distinguish himself in a very mediocre group. At this point, the best player will start. The team will not be concerned about pedigree, just about who gives them the best chance to win at TE.

ARob still has all of training camp and five preseason games to win the job, so it’s still very early in the process, but one can’t help but be disappointed at this stage that he isn’t further along.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

The TE position is wide open and the Giants historically will for the most part play the TE who will be reliable in terms of steady play. Robinson has all the tools, but at this point lacks durability and experience. Donnell is a warrior and will give you everything in the tank. Davis has the most experience and would provide that steady performance they are seeking. Lastly, Grimble could be the TE of the future, he needs time.

Tamás Asbóth
Tamás Asbóth

In this moment I think Donnell has better chance than Robinson. Robinson has 3 games in 2 years...Durability??? Donnell played 16 games last season and showed great toughness in preseason. Robinson is a blocking tight end with a good pro day. He could be a #2 TE but that's all. I hope I'm wrong and he will be the next Julius Thomas. Davis and Fells...Only experience but they aren't starter. Btw we need one of them. Maybe Xavier Grimble could be the guy (but not this year). He could have stay in USC, didn't show his full potential. I hope he will make the roster and show some impact as a rookie.