Giants: Locker room not divided

Questions about team unity are abound today after the Giants got crunched by the Seattle Seahawks yesterday. They were shut out for the second time this season and are the only team in the league to get shut out this season.

The offense is not performing up to snuff for a multitude of reasons. The defense has played well this season at times and has taken on the responsibility of keeping the team respectable this year.

SAntrel Rolle, who is likely on his way to a Pro Bowl selection, called out several teammates regarding their dedication to the team effort of trying to win:

“If you don’t have passion about this game, you don’t need to be out there on the field and that’s just the way I look at it. Obviously sometimes out there today, we looked like we didn’t have a pulse and you can never do that playing a game of this magnitude, playing a game that’s this physical and playing an opponent like the Seattle Seahawks that live and die by pride, swagger, confidence. We knew that coming into the game today. They imposed their will on us today.”

The more experienced captains had more level commentary after the game. Justin Tuck rejected the notion that the team was coming apart at the seams.

“Sure, everyone knows that the offense is struggling, but like I said, this team wins and loses as a team, and there will never be any division in this locker room,” said Justin Tuck. “We have no shot if that takes place, and I don’t think that yesterday there were any signs of that. I just think there was a sign of trying to challenge guys to go out there and play better. For me, I think that’s one of the hardest things to do as a leader, to go out there and challenge guys when you think they can go out there and play better. In the same right, you’re going out there and challenging yourself, so I don’t think at any point yesterday with anything that was said that there was any finger pointing I just think it was guys trying to get guys riled up to go play better. That’s pretty much it.”

Eli Manning has been playing terribly, but he never throws anyone under the bus. And over the years, he’s had plenty of opportunities tod
do so. The defense has been spotty more often than not the past ten years.

“No. I don’t sense it,” Eli said when asked if any fences needed to be mended today. “The defense played well yesterday. They did a lot of good things and we didn’t help them out at all and so they probably have a right to be disappointed with us and frustrated with us, but I don’t think it is going to turn this team and create a problem. We’re going to come back to work on Wednesday and try to have a great game plan and do some good things and see if we can play better and help out our defense and try to put a great team performance together on Sunday.”