Tuesday Morning Report: Giants Suddenly Shallow at RB

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

The Giants’ big win over Green Bay left the team and the fans optimistic that a legitimate title defense is still a real possibility. No win comes without a cost, however, and Sunday’s high was immediately tempered by reality that RB Andre Brown will miss the rest of the season after breaking his leg against the Packers. Tom Coughlin announced yesterday the team was placing Brown on injured reserve-designated to return and surgery might be needed to aid the healing process.

“I think it’s realistic,” Coughlin said when asked if he thought Brown could return this season.  “I think it’s going to provide Andre with great incentive and we want that experience for him. He was very disappointed last night, let’s put it that way, frustrated. He’s had some seasons end in this way before and I think this is a way to, perhaps, motivate, inspire him, give him great purpose and hopefully that will help.”

The developments leave the Giants perilously thin at RB. Only the injury-ridden Ahmad Bradshaw and first-round draft pick David Wilson remain on the team’s active roster. They also have FB Henry Hynoski, but he has only three carries in his two years here. Coughlin said the team was exploring adding a third RB to possibly fill the open roster spot.

Coughlin said he did not know what to expect in regards S Kenny Phillips’ latest knee setback. Calling it an “aggravation”, the coach said he hoped it was nothing more than a scare.

“He came out of the game because he felt something, but it’s not anything new. Hopefully, he can deal with it and it’s not going to be anything major, but I can’t speak to that just yet because he’s going to have to go through a couple of days of examination.”

As for OL David Diehl, who left the game with a burner, Coughlin hoped it would not be a lingering problem.

“I hope not. I’m not going to play down these things, these very painful, if you will, type of injuries, but I hope he can play through it.”

With Brown out, Wilson becomes the next man up at RB.

“It’s his time,” stated Coughlin. “The timing as far as where he’s coming from couldn’t be any better, I don’t think. If he’s been very vigilant, and paid attention to the way that people have been corrected in front of him, then he’s going to give himself the best opportunity. It is a great opportunity for him and I think for our team as well, in terms of what could develop here in this stage of the season for David. It would’ve been a real plus for us to have all three of the backs, Andre included, going down the stretch here, because the contribution of Andre last night was very strong as well. I thought two of his runs were very close to going. He was probably one swipe away on a draw and even on the play he was hurt on, it was a very good and impressive play. That having been said, David steps up and he’s got to do it.”

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