Sleeping Giants Awaken For Stretch Run

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

When the Giants put it all together, the football world gets a quick reminder of how they won two Super Bowl trophies the past five years. They can be scary when the pass rush is percolating and the offense is humming. Downright scary. Ask the Packers, who struggled all night to keep Blue defenders from harassing their all-world QB, Aaron Rodgers.

The New York Giants have an outstanding defensive line. We knew that coming in,” said Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy after last night’s 38-10 Giant victory. “We’ve really known it for the last couple of years. We had a plan and we didn’t execute it very well. We got away from it, went to some spread things, that wasn’t the answer. That was quite poor play selection on my part. But they did a hell of a job tonight. They were dynamic, very talented, very productive.”

“They just kicked our ass all around,” said OL Josh Sitton.

Last night, we saw the Giants return to form in a big way on offense, too. The running game broke loose for 147 yards and 2 TDs. Eli Manning tossed three touchdowns after going a month without one. The play that started it all was a screen pass to RB Ahmad Bradshaw that went for 59 yards. A rare call by the Giants, but a damn good one. They kept the Packers off-balance all night and finally were able to finish drives off, going 5-6 in the red zone.

“I didn’t think they’d be able to move the ball down the field on us like that,” said defensive lineman BJ Raji. “Previous times, a lot of plays went over our heads. That first screen, good call, but after that, it was just literally moving the ball down the field on us and that’s not like us.”

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