New York Giants New Year’s Day Links

Happy New Year everyone.

Well, the “fiscal cliff” was averted making one 51 year old (Barack Obama) very happy. This 51 year-old is pretty pleased with it, too. Another 49  year-old (Jerry Reese) was on the podium at TIMEX yesterday. He wasn’t so pleased.

“We don’t get paid here for the Giants to go 9-7,” said Reese. “We got away with that last year, things worked out for us, but we don’t go into our season saying, “Man, let’s go 9-7.” We look at our schedule and I think most teams look at their schedule and say, if you can get to double-digit wins, you’re going to have a great opportunity to get into the postseason. That doesn’t always happen.”

When asked if the team is going into the offseason with nearly half the roster unsigned, he seemed confident things would get done.

“It’s a pretty big number, but nothing we can’t handle,” Reese said.  Here’s some links for your New Year’s Day:

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