Giants Find Themselves on Rare End of a 4th Quarter Comeback

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

The Giants wanted badly to register a victory for the people of the storm-battered NY Metro Area region, but the Pittsburgh Steelers gave them a taste of their own medicine. This time it was the Steelers who overcame a ten point deficit in the fourth quarter – something the Giants are accustomed to doing – while the Giants’ stumbled during crunch time.

“It’s a little disappointing definitely for the fans who live and die with us and things like that and looked at our game as a way of relief and as a way of hope to moving forward from Hurricane Sandy and it’s just unfortunate we couldn’t get it done for them,” said Paterson native Victor Cruz.

It was the first time the Giants lost a game after leading by 10 or more points since the debacle two years ago against Philadelphia. They had also not lost a game after leading at the half since that day.

The offense, which is buoyed by Eli Manning and the passing game, came up dry again. According to the team, the 114 net passing yards was their lowest total since they threw for 94 yards at Buffalo on Dec. 23, 2007. It was also the second week in a row the Giants failed to score a TD in the second half.

“We’re just not executing as well,” said Manning after the game. “Third downs – that’s a big part; just not getting firsts. A little off here; just not executing; guys not doing everything perfectly; me missing some throws – so it’s just a combination of everything. I don’t think there’s one thing that saying, “we’re just not doing this,” and that’ll solve all our problems. Everybody working together; everybody playing good football on every situation, and that will lead to points.”

The defense did their job “in spurts” according to Justin Tuck, but overall they failed when it counted.

“It’s pretty frustrating,” said Tuck. “I don’t know where it ranks on my frustration scale, but we had our chances to win this one.  There’s a lot of people wanting us to win it, and just like Eli said, you don’t make any excuses about it.  We were prepared to play our best tonight and we didn’t.  That’s a great football team out there, so they didn’t need any help from us, but like I said, we didn’t play our best football tonight.”

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