Giants, Fans Left Scratching Their Heads After Perplexing Season

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

While Tom Coughlin tries to figure out what went wrong this year, we’ll be giving him some not-so-subtle hints the next few days, weeks and months. The bottom line is they fell one game short, again, and missed the playoffs.

They went 3-3 in the division, which never gets it done. They started the season off on the wrong foot, dropping the opener to Dallas at home. They played some sloppy football on the road, losing by two in Philly and one in Washington. They were blown out in places like Atlanta, Cincinnati and Baltimore. They let a hobbled Steeler team sneak past them at home.

They had their chances this year to make the playoffs and simply did not take advantage of them.

Is the coaching staff the problem? Tom Coughlin is staying. Let me stop you there.┬áHe has been 8-8 or better for eight straight seasons, now. Kevin Gilbride will be here as long as Eli and Tom are. Perry Fewell could be replaced, but by who and what type of system? Judging by today’s game, he still has some value. But somebody has to answer for the bipolar personality disorder of this team and why they play so well some weeks and so poorly in others.

Looking at the roster, you have to question where the talent is. Look at some of their recent drafts. You have to wonder where the up and coming players will come from. GM Jerry Reese gets credit for making great early and late-round picks, but he’s whiffed on some second, third and fourth rounders that the team either cut or are underperforming. He has, however, cleaned up in the UDFA market and made some key free agent signings. More to come on this.

We’d like to hear from you on who should stay, who should go and what you would like to see the Giants do in free agency and the draft.