Giants statements, reactions to Gilbride retirement

Daily News Live: Giants Insider’s Ralph Vacchiano talks about Kevin Gilbride retiring and who might replace him as the offensive coordinator of the Giants.

Giants management and other reactions after the announcement that offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride has decided to retire this afternoon:

Giants CEO John Mara: ““Kevin is an outstanding coach who made enormous contributions to this franchise. He helped us win a lot of games over the past 10 years, including two Super Bowls. He will be remembered as one of the best coaches to ever represent the New York Giants.”

Giants Chairman Steve Tisch: “Since Tom elevated Kevin to the role of offensive coordinator, we have added two more Lombardi Trophies to our display case. For that, and Kevin’s tremendous commitment and dedication to his craft and this organization, we will always be grateful.”

Giants GM Jerry Reese: “Kevin has been a special person around here for a long time and a very good football coach. We are grateful for his years of service with us, especially during the two championship seasons. I wish only the best for him and his family moving forward.”

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin: “I have great respect for Kevin and Debbie and their family, so it’s not an easy thing to part ways. Kevin is a professional. He’s been an exceptional football coach for the New York Giants. He helped win two Super Bowl championships. Kevin was the play-caller in Super Bowls XLII and XLVI. He has done a great service to the franchise.”

Giants QB Eli Manning: “I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Kevin. I’m really sad to see him retire. He has been with me from day one as my quarterbacks coach and then my coordinator. He really taught me everything I needed to learn to become an NFL quarterback. We’ve had so much success together, obviously winning our two Super Bowls. His offenses have had great success in this league for many, many years. He’s been a great coach and great friend over these 10 years, and I’m definitely going miss him on the field and in the meeting rooms.”


Again, I dont like this move simply because it really doesn't help Eli.  Now if they are bringing back Mike Sullivan maybe there will be little change in the offense for Eli so maybe they have a plan.  However, if the offense doesn't change with the new OC why make the change in the first place?  Again as much as I have been very frustrated with the offense I dont think its Gilbride's fault.  If every other person on this staff somehow gets a pass for havig two super bowl rings why doesn't he get that same respect. 

This seasons failures falls squarly on the construction of this team. Bad Offensive lines usually result in bad offense and Reese simply didn't put enough talent on the line.  He got spoiled thinking that he could just take OLine in late rounds and create the the next O'hara's these guys were exceptions to the rule.  Reese has failed on a lot of draft picks and this is why the giants talent pool has steadily declined.  The queston is do we all trust Reese, the same guy who made this mess, to sign the right guys and draft the right guys to fix this? I am not confident in that.  His whole Best player available strategy has worked for a signicant amunt of busts and project picks and glaring holes in need areas.     


MARA is Outta Touch..

REESE is a CLOWN !!!

this Smoke & Mirror's of Retirement...

What CLASSLESS Act !!!

Mara & Tisch clueless Cowards....

for the 1st time in 40 years,

I'm a SHAMED to be a GIANTS Fan.....


@Skookaloop I wish you would please explain what you would like to see happen with this club. Nothing they so seems to please you. You are the only person who is not impressed with two recent Super Bowl victories. 

Frank D
Frank D

@Skookaloop Do you ever give it a rest?

1.  It's just a game.  You take it WAYYYY too seriously.

2.  Not everything is a freaking conspiracy.  Put the Aluminum hat away.

3.  Was there ever a time you didn't complain?

4.  Do you think anyone cares that you are ashamed to be a Giants fan?  


I'm ashamed you're a Giants fan too...





KILLDRIVE Didn't SEEK-OUT Project Players...

KILLDRIVE Didn't Neglect the O-LINE...

KILLDRIVE Didn't Neglect the LBer's...

KILLDRIVE Didn't Over pay F.A.'s....

KILLDRIVE Didn't sign 29 players to 1 YEAR CONTRACTs, for 2013 Season...

KILLDRIVE Didn't Leverage Forward the Sal-Cap....

KILLDRIVE Didn't Put Up a SuperBowl Count-Down Clock...

KILLDRIVE Didn't Spend 2 Draft Picks on a 4th String QB,

                   that would NEVER PLAY !!! and take-up a STOP on the 53....

Do Your HomeWork.....SON


@Skookaloop@totz I get it, Reece puts the product on the field but you cannot deny that our offensive play calling was stagnant and terribly predictable.  It was time for some new blood and fresh ideas. 

We both know the Giants aren't the kind of organization that will gut everything at once.  Tier one, this offseason, is looking at coaches below Coughlin as an immediate measured response.  If next season goes bad then the Reece will probably be gone too.  Honestly, TC will be allowed to stay as long as he's wants to coach.  I personally think it was the right move.


Why do you type the way you do? And relax, its football, stuff happens...