John Mara, Jerry Reese

Mara prepared to make changes, says offense is ‘broken’

Giants’ CEO John Mara said that there was no reason the team could not have won the division this year and in fact that, “it hasn’t been a good season and a half.”

Mara addressed the media with honesty, backing GM Jerry Reese and endorsing head coach Tom Coughlin stating that, “nobody wants to win more” that they do. He believes Reese is “the right guy” to take the organization forward.

“Certainly, there are changes within the organization that need to be made,” Mara said. Asked if coaching changes were in order, he said he had

He took a shot at the front office’s draft philosophy and admitted the team had missed on some high draft picks, indicating the team could take less risks in the future. He also wondered aloud why it took three years to find out that WR Jerrel Jernigan “could play.”

Mara touched on a sticking pont of many Giant fans: Why don’t they play the rookies and younger players more?

“Sometimes you have to put younger players in a game and give them a chance to fail, or succeed…It’s true not only of him but of other guys as well. It would have been nice if he (Jernigan) had gotten in a little sooner. That’s not my decision.”

He also took no prisoners by saying. “the offense is broken,” — which seemed to be a direct shot at OC Kevin Gilbride. “We ned to fix that. We can’t go into next season with the same personnel.”

Mara admitted QB Eli Manning did not have a good season and that he had “a lot of company…we need to help him, give him better tools.”

In a light moment, Mara was asked if his job was safe: “Not according to my mother it’s not… she’ll be up here next.”


as someone who has been rooting for the jints since the 50's this might be a different mara talking, hopefully we don't have to go through another long period of losing and this ownership will move and help solve the problems sooner rather than later.

the jints fan base are loyal to a fault so don't treat them with the disrespect previous admin have and fail to put a quality product on the field, we are waiting and watching owners and the ball is in your court.



Amen.... well said...

1st things 1st....

WE need a O-LINE,

even if we have to DRAFT...

1st. OL (tackle)

2nd OL (Guard)

3rd OL ( Center)

... for the D,

LB Beason must be Inked to a 3 year Deal....

... a LOT of Work to Do....

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@Skookaloop @cole3244 With the Giants having possibly nearly$17.5m in cap space available (could be even more if certain contracts are voided) the Giants don't need to draft OL exclusively to improve the OL. There are plenty of UFA OL available that GM Reese can sign to make the Giants better. I believe that there are 3 spots open on the OL; moving Beatty from LT (blind Side) to RT would make him a better OL and moving Pugh from RT to a more natural position for him at either RG or LG would be better for the team as well. Signing 2 OL and drafting 2 more would seem to be a logical approach. The Giants also need to acquire (either draft/free agency or trade) and legit CB to compliment Amukamara. re-signing Beason (as you pointed out) would probably be one of the first moves the Giants will make. Also, acquiring a reliable RB in free agency is needed as Brown has shown he is not durable for a big RB and Wilson is questionable. There will be a lot of changes to the Giants roster and hopefully to the Giants coaching staff.


@Skookaloop @cole3244 let's not forget we need a running back. I like Brown and all but I think he's a FA and he breaks his leg every 3rd game.

How many RBs did the Giants go through this year, 400?

Of course the OL comes first I think you draft 2 biggies and then sign a wiley vet

David Lopez
David Lopez

Well said--team needs a LT and drafting at 12 gives the team a good chance of landing a cornerstone player at that position in draft loaded with OT.

OG is another position that needs to be addressed.

My wish list would be Lewan, Robinson, Kouandijo with the first round pick and Cyril Richardson OG from Baylor with the second round pick.

It's not a coincidence that when Eli had a top five NFL OL he won two SB MVP's.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@billysuede @rico @Skookaloop @cole3244  Brandon Albert is an excellent OT and will most likely get a lot of attention if the Chiefs move Fisher to LT and make him available. Although the Giants will have nearly $17.5m in cap space (possibly more if certain contracts are voided) Albert could still be too expensive for them. At 29 years old and a salary of $9,828m this past season, obviously, his age and salary should be a concern. The Giants need to address a lot of areas this offseason (RB,CB, OL, OLB,TE) so getting the most for your buck makes more sense. I think a OT that could interest the Giants is Rodger Safford, who is only 25 years old and had a salary of only $1,460m. He may not be in Alberts league, but he is certainly an upgrade for the Giants and would cost a lot less. another player I like and will get a lot of attention is RB Ben Tate. Giants should look at him as well as Brown is not durable and Wilson is questionable. Basically, the Giants (GM Reese) needs to make a splash this off season (to save his job) and although the Giants usually don't sign high priced free agents, this years needs to be the exception. Reese can turn this franchise around quickly with smart free agent signing and a better draft.


@rico @Skookaloop @cole3244 at 12, the giants can't afford to screw up with the line. if jake matthews isn't there then go for the best match for need and bpa. there is no reason to go for another running back in the first round especially if we're not going to have anyone of note to block for him.

if brandon albert from the chiefs becomes available as a free agent as kc will want to move eric fisher to his natural left tackle spot sooner than later then it's imperative jerry reese makes a run at him.