The Playoff Bus is Boarding. Will the Giants Be On It?

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

As we enter into Week 16, the Giants are facing their annual season-defining game – the one we’ll be referring to for years to come when quantifying 2012.

It could be simply “The Ravens game,” going forward if they win. If they lose it could take on a personality of it’s own, such as 1978’s “The Fumble”, “The Music City Meltdown” of 2006 or The Implosion” vs the Eagles in 2010.

With the Ravens tanking right now, the game could go either way. It may be a case of who plays worse rather than who plays better. Baltimore was 9-2 and flying high in the AFC North before losing their last three. QB Joe Flacco has likened them to an “0-14 team” rather than one that is headed toward the playoffs – which they are.

The Giants are completely lost after splitting their last four games. They began their “six game season” at 6-4. They have alternated dominating wins with losses where they looked puzzlingly inept. Now, they are 8-6 and face elimination from the playoffs for the third time in four seasons.

When people ask me to provide them with a prediction about the Giants, I laugh. “Forget it, man. Flip a coin,” I tell them. If they hold true to their current trend they will win this week in Baltimore, then lose next week at home against the Eagles. One last chance for Andy Reid’s crew to thumb their noses at the Giants.

Giant fans won’t like that at all. I know I won’t.

Hopefully Tom Coughlin and his team have a run left in them this year. If they don’t, some changes will be made. But that happens no matter what. They won it all last year and currently have only 37 of those players left on their active roster. It’s the type of changes they make that they make that will matter. Quality rather than quantity.

Notes: OL Selvish Capers is this year’s Ryan Perrilloux. Yesterday, he was re-added to the active roster and CB Terrence Frederick was waived, reversing the transaction made last Saturday.