Answering Your Questions: Monday Morning Mail Call

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

Got a few questions I will try to address for you this morning…..

Do you think the Giants will take a LB high in the draft this year?

Let’s see….after having a rich history at LB back in the day, their track record for drafting linebackers the past thirty years has not been very good. In fact, it stinks. The last LB of worth they got out of the draft was Jesse Armstead in 1993, and he was taken in Round 8, which means he would not have been drafted in today’s seven-round format.

The Giants have not selected a LB in the first round since 1984, when they adroitly took Michigan State’s Carl Banks third overall. Since 1997, when Ernie Accorsi took over as GM reins from George Young, the Giants have taken a LB in the third round or higher only three times: Ryan Phillips, 3rd ’97; Gerris Wilkinson, 3rd ’06 and Clint Sintim, 2nd ’09. Yikes.

I say it’s about time they took one high in the draft and they panned out. However, this may not be the year to do that. Georgia’s Alex Ogletree would have been a possibility, but he’s got a spotted history the Giants don’t need to be dealing with right now. Doubtful he’s there in Round 2, but if he is, then I’d take a shot. If they could get a Chase Thomas out of Stanford or someone of that ilk in Round 2 or 3, that would be a coup.

Who from last year’s draft class will step up in 2013?

The Giants expect all seven of those picks to develop and emerge. RB David Wilson has already shown what he can do. The team expects great things from him and he will probably oblige. WR Rueben Randle is the goods. He needs to polish up a bit, but he can become a bigger Hakeem Nicks for the Giants. Imagine that.

DT Markus Kuhn displayed promise in his opportunities last season. He should improve which will help the Giants on that d-line, which needs to elevate their level of play.

CB Jayron Hosley will only pay off for the Giants if he’s allowed to return punts. His defense alone will not cut it. I know he plays bigger than he is and has great speed and desire, but as the saying goes, his arms are too short to box with God.

TE Adrien Robinson and OL Brandon Mosley and Matt McCants just need reps and playing time to show us what they are made of. We haven’t seen enough to make any determinations.

Why would David Carr want to leave the Giants?

Good question. Why do boxers keep getting back in the ring? Money. He is only 32 and, for a former first overall pick, he’s way underpaid. He played last year for the league minimum ($925k) and granted, he didn’t have to do much. Anyone who took the beating Carr did in his first five seasons should in effect be a) dead or b) retired. You would think he’d like to continue his country club existence.

If he came back to the Giants, he’d get the minimum again, basically because Eli hasn’t missed a game since 2004 and he himself has not started one since 2007. But the objective in this profession is to go for the bucks while you can. A team like Tampa Bay could lure him away with more money, good weather and a familiar face in Mike Sullivan. The Jets could offer more cash, too. Carr would not have to move and he might even get a chance to play.