Reese 2-22-14

Reese indicates “significant” changes to roster

Giants GM Jerry Reese spoke to reporters today at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and basically revealed the team’s roster will contain “significant differences” this season.

He also indicated that unrestricted free agents DE Justin Tuck and WR Hakeem Nicks will be allowed to discover their value on the free agent market next month. (“They deserve to see what the market will be.”)

Although he is optimistic that RB David Wilson will make it back this season, Reese identified RB as a position the team was looking to augment.

As for their strategy, it’s no secret – Reese will stick to taking the best player available. He also is amenable to trading back if the offer is right…

“We’ll try and get the best player available on the board,” Reese said Saturday at the NFL Combine as per Jordan Raanan of the Star-Ledger. “We’ll keep our options open there. If someone wants to come up to 12 and entertain us moving back, we’ll consider that as well.”

Reese was asked if the Giants would draft another QB this May. He said probably not in the first round, but if the right player came along at the right spot, he wouldn’t be afraid to take him.

“It’s a big puzzle,” Reese said of the exercise of filling out a roster. “We’ll figure it out.”

WATCH: Jerry Reese Combine Presser


How did the knicks blog morph into the giants forum. Im a giant fan and nobody comments on there...what the heck?

If he takes a quarter back in any round he should be fired on the spot.


As the MAD SCIENTIST behind the 29,

1 year Contracts for the 2013 Season....

That's more than HALF the 53 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

REESE knew the ROSTER Challenges,

the 2014 Season would Bring....

---GET the O-Line FIXED ...ASAP !!!







7.c. TE

LBer's Next Season, for the New Defense & New DC...


Jets Rule. All the way to the # 1 pick baby

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@Skookaloop How about signing a FA OL this off season instead of using the first 2 picks (1 & 2) in the draft. Giants have other needs as well and their will be quality OL through rounds 3-6 in this draft


@Michael Stewart @Skookaloop  

Fix the O-Line, 1st....

ELI is a Winner,

when he has Protection....

We need a Center,

Baas has been BAD for 2 years...

LOT-- W. Beatty

LOG--Draft, OT Taylor Lewan***/ J.Brewer

OC-- Draft, OG / OC Travis Swanson*** / Bass / K.Boothe

ROG--K. Boothe  / B. Mosley / Travis Swanson***

ROT-- J. Pugh

this Unit could be a Foundation for years to come......

and would be Cap-Friendly for, 4 Years...

a TOP , F.A.  O-Lineman,

 is going to cost BANK $$$

We don't have that Kinda Cash....

PLUS-------- A Strong O-Line Helps the RUNNING GAME.....

the Running Game Helps the PASSing Game.....

Points Help the Defense....

Even if ALL 3 picks are O-Line it's Worth it....

O-Line aren't Sexy Picks---But,