Giants relying on Reese get team righted

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Giants’ GM Jerry Reese is drawing some fire over his recent draft “failures” and the team’s sudden dearth of talent and depth at certain positions.

Many feel he’s gotten too smart for his own good in the draft, taking some players way too early and selecting others that were not ready to play in the NFL. Then there is the criticism that Reese has mishandled the salary cap and has not sufficiently stocked the roster with enough viable free agents.

I’ll agree things could have been handled better by Reese, but the the league is set up for the meek to inherit the earth. Win a Super Bowl, enjoy it, because you’re about to take a nosedive. Win two and you go into free fall.

Reese is in the throes of the latter. Since he has been drafting down in the order each season, he’s had to make his picks count. His first-rounders have panned out for the most part. His middle-rounders have not. The free agents he has signed have been hit-or-miss and he’s had to go looking for talent out on the street or across the waiver wires.

Either way, he’s the only GM in the league with two Super Bowl rings in the past decade. He is being bashed for not staying ahead of the curve. What curve is that? For all we know, he may be the curve. The Giants are hoping now that they’ve come back to the pack, that Reese will be able to retool the roster and get them back up in the standings.

The Giants are hoping he can. He’s a got a lot of work to do this offseason. Now that we know Marc Ross and Tom Coughlin are staying and the new plan is set for the offense, Reese is getting one more chance to get this right.

“I firmly believe that he is the right guy going forward,” said CEO John Mara of Reese. “I’ve spent enough time around him to know that he is the right guy. He is not afraid to make tough decisions and he knows what the risks are and sometimes you have to take those calculated risks, and he is a very confident guy. Nobody works harder than he does. I still trust his evaluation skills. I like the way he deals with players. He’s very honest and direct with them. He’s got a very good relationship with Tom. Yes, I am convinced that he is the right guy to lead us going forward.”

At the beginning of last season, Reese posted a “Super Bowl” countdown clock at QDTC.  This year the only clock that will be ticking at the Giants’ facility will be the one with Reese’s future attached to it.

Michael Marciari
Michael Marciari

He should have been fired after the absolute nothing he did last season. One more bad year and time for him to go.




I’ll agree things could have been handled better by Reese, but the the league is set up for the meek to inherit the earth. Win a Super Bowl, enjoy it, because you’re about to take a nosedive. Win two and you go into free fall.----  WRONG  WRONG WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What about the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS !?!?!?!?

The league is Set-Up--

to give Sucky Teams,

 a chance to PICK,

 before  Better Teams,

that's FAIR !!!

there ARE STARTing Players.... in EVERY ROUND !!!


..........REESE is a CLOWN !!!!!!

i ask that YOU ReWrite this Post,

with MORE ACCURATE information....

Peter Sinapi
Peter Sinapi

I don't understand why Reese is being killed. The giants went 7-9 after an 0-6 start. His QB absolutely sucked. His offensive line had injuries all year long. His best def lineman (tuck) decided to take half a year off, while is other one went from 16.5 sacks in 2011 to 2 this year. His best WR had zero TDs and didn't show up. And his coaching staff absolutely failed to make proper adjustments on offense.

By my count there were 4 winnable games that they lost this year (both cowboys games, Chicago and KC) where the offense failed to do anything in the 4th quarters. In 2011, the giants came back 8 times in the 4th quarter. This year twice.

Reese deserves another chance. If they are out of it again next year, then I would jump off the Reese ship. And it starts with Snee. It will be very telling how he handles him.


I'm confident in Reese.

I think he'll find a legitimate TE which will be a huge upgrade for this offense.

Stabilizing the offensive line and drafting a running back late.

I'm not worried about the receivers, I let Nicks walk and have Cruz/Reuben/Jernigan and maybe another veteran.

Resign Beason, draft another linebacker, and add more depth to the secondary. Tuck is a tough decision so Reese has gamble there, but I think the D line will  be fine either way with a fully healthy JPP.

It may sound like a lot but in reality this team could easily be back in serious competition next year, We have our QB, stud WR, leaders on D and a hall of fame coach. Jerry will turn this around

Major Pain 0303
Major Pain 0303

@Skookaloop Ok the Patriots. Lets analyze the Pats. BB and Brady win 12 games every year but they haven't won a SB in 10 years. So tell me would u rather be competitive every 3-4 years and reload to win a SB and win it or be very good every year but not win one in 10 years. I guarantee you that if you were a Pats fan you would annihilate them for not winning a SB in 10 years because its been 3 years since the Giants haven't won one and u want Reese fired. That's why the Mara and Tisch families run football teams and people like u don't. Ur quick to fire ppl when there's no obvious better replacement available. Listen this is a big year for him. He's going to be drafting relatively high this whole draft and he needs to hit on a few more than he has lately but stop with the zero accountability crap and how Reese is a clown cause that man has forgotten more about football than you will ever know in your entire life. I trust the Mara and Tisch families judgment over urs any day.


@Skookaloop dude, write your own blog already. you are the textbook definition of being a one-trick pony. 


@Peter Sinapi skook may get a little carried away but 4 of our wins were against backup qb's and at best we probably would have won one of those games so the 7 wins is a little inflated. 

those seven wins are not an accurate indicator of our lack of talent and drafting at 12 hurts our ability to draft the talent we need because we should be drafting much higher.


@matt520 I think "stabilizing the offensive line" is understating it. Reese will have to fill 3 spots on the OL maybe 4. That is REBUILD the OL…while signing 21 other FA's.

This may be the seminal off season for Jerry. We'll see?


@Major Pain 0303 @Skookaloop 

REESE has been WRONG too many TIME's,

When you look at What he's done,

He's a BAD GM !!!

REESE has had the KEYs to the NYG's for YEARs !!!

Now look at the NYG's... 7-9 !!!

How many WINs where Against STARTing QB's ???

the Vikings QB J. FREEMAN was only there 6 days !!!!

and with RB A.P., they made him throw the Ball 54 times !!!!!

the GIANTS are TRUELY, a 4-12 TEAM !!!

And REESE as been picking MID DARFT !!!

NOT in the Late 20's....


if you like LB J. Beason,

then you should understand that,

REESE has NEGLECTED the LB's for YEAR's !!!!!

Neglected the O-Line....

Neglected the RB's....

Neglected the CB's...

REESE has Put ALL his EGG's in one Basket,

A pipe Dream of the BEST PASS RUSH on the PLANET,

With a DC who doesn't BLITZ,

and plays MAN-OFF,


this is a football TEAM !!!

the Players MUST fit and Build CHEMISTRY....

HOW can ELI build Chemistry with a New TE EVERY YEAR ?!?!??!

how can there be TEAM CHEMISTRY,

with 29 one YEAR CONTRACTS on the ROSTER !!!

REESE is a CLOWN !!!


just a ENABLER to the CLOWN !!!

Look, i saw this coming after the 2012 Draft...

... i posted here ALL the Problems of a UNBALANCED ROSTER...

and HENCE here we are today...

the NYG's with SUCK with REESE at the HELM !!!!


@cole3244 @Peter Sinapi no such thing as 'inflated' wins. how much would people be killing the giants if they had lost those games? every week counts. the giants weren't at full strength in any of those games and they still had their deplorable offensive line and mediocre running game. the giants weren't a good enough team to look gift horses in the mouth. anything else is the height of nitpicking for nitpicking's sake. 

Peter Sinapi
Peter Sinapi

Beatty and Pugh should be able to hold down the right side. They have enough cap space to sign one high profile lineman plus 2 middle tier types for rest of the line. Brewer, Cordle and a 2nd or 3rd pick to fill out the depth. Bigger issue is what to do at D-End. Tuck was a no show for half the season and JPP stunk and may never be the same.