Video Catches Giants Having a ‘Hard Knocks’ Moment

Yes, I  know what hazing is. Yes, I personally have been involved on both ends of incidents. It’s a ritual that should be within the lines of good-natured fun and all the participants should have that understanding.

This ‘viral’ video of Jason Pierre-Paul dumping Prince Amukamara into a tub of ice water taken and posted on the web by Steve Weatherford was sent to us a couple of days ago, but we never posted it. Mainly because I didn’t feel it was important. I’ve been around locker rooms almost all my life.

This incident didn’t seem like anything outside the lines to me…at first. Then I watched it again. I didn’t like the nature of it. It seemed a bit too mean-spitrited to me. Prince’s reaction and the language used by JPP afterward completely seals that. The others in the video are taking it all in stride. Some are egging on JPP while others are telling Prince to “stand up for yourself”.

You be the judge….

Others were quick to point out that it should be classified as bullying because JPP is twice the size of Prince. Fair enough. The league is leaving it alone, calling it a “club matter’.

Prince was a rookie last year and got a pass from the veterans because his foot was in a cast. JPP did not get a pass in his rookie year. This is what that was. An initiation. It could have been worse – or different. They could have shaved his head, dyed him blue, duct-taped him to the goal post or glued him into his cleats. Yeah, those things happen….

The problem with this video is that it involves the Giants, an organization that rarely airs it laundry or allows itself to be seen in such a light. This one got out, and it wasn’t the team at it’s best. Tom Coughlin vowed to address the situation. The posting of the video is a problem for him. The fact that it involved one player doing something to another player against their will is another issue he had with it. Although, I don’t know too many people who would relish being dunked in ice water to begin with…..

“I’m going to look into it; I’m going to talk to the parties involved,” Coughlin told reporters yesterday. “As I understand it, there were some parts that were inappropriate, and anything that occurs within this family or within our group should not be a part of any social media aspect. I’m going to address that strongly, and I’ve spent a little time on that this preseason, but I’ll look into it further.”

Question for the readers: which is worse, one 23-year-old millionaire dumping another 23-year old millionaire into an ice bath, or dumping a bucket of ice water on your coach’s head in sub-zero temperature?

Weatherford apologized via Twitter….

I can’t say for sure, but don’t expect too many tweets out of Giants players going forward. As for Weatherford, I would hide my iPhone if I were him….