Super Bowl Hero Tyree Looking Towards Next Step In Career

Five Minutes With…..David Tyree

Last night at the Filli Ponte restaurant in NYC, I attended a fundraiser hosted by In the Game Collectibles to benefit the Tomorrows Children’s Fund.  In attendance were many current and former Giants players.  I will be posting the interviews one a time over the next few weeks…

Myself and Dr. Bill Chachkes (aka Dr. Football) sat down with Super Bowl XLII hero David Tyree, who is currently a man without a team after his contract with the Baltimore Ravens expired earlier this year.

Q: What are you up to these days?  It appears that you are in shape and ready to play. Have you been talking to teams?

DT: No, I haven’t talked to too many people.  I’m at peace with where my career is at right now.  I’m 30 years old and it takes a lot more to be in that optimum shape now.  I’m looking for situations where I can be an asset and be the best for myself and my family.  There’s only a few teams I would like to play for and hopefully it will work out with one of those teams.

Q:  You were a great special teams player. What advice do you have for young receivers in this league who want to make the game day cut?

DT: Its a bottom line business. If you’re that fifth or sixth guy and you want to dress, you better know how to bring something to the table as either a returner or a general special teams player.  Its a long wait to get on the field as a receiver no matter how talented a player is.  The Giants are deep at receiver these days, so its going to take that much more.

Q; What is your take on some of the Giants young receivers?

DT: I knew Hakeem (Nicks) was going to be special, just from the short time that I spent with him.  His hands kind of speak for themselves. Even with the few blunders that he made,  he was by far the best rookie Giant wide receiver that we’ve seen in a long time.   As a rookie, I had a 100-yard receiving game and I couldn’t remember the next rookie who did.  It was rewarding for me to finally see the Giants get a receiver who was able to come in the full length for the season and contribute at that high a level.

Tyree is certainly in shape and ready to be a positive veteran presence – on and off the field – no matter where he lands.