Giants, Nicks Waiting to See About Sunday

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

Giants’ WR Hakeem Nicks was out on the practice field yesterday and was moving around in individual drills. When asked about his condition, he would no go into specifics on whether his surgically-repaired foot or recently bruised knee was the reason for his missing the past three games.

“I’m not really trying to talk about injuries too much,” Nicks told reporters. “My mentality is that I’m playing alright. We’ll see tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a deciding factor, hopefully that answers all the questions I’ve been asking. Right now, I’m just going through the course and stuff like that. It’s still a matter of me just getting back out there.”

Nicks said he needs to test the waters with a full practice in order for the team to make a determination on whether he’ll be going to California Saturday.

I really just went out there trying to see if I was showing any favoritism. I wasn’t trying to see if I was catching every pass or anything like that. It was just a matter of if I was compensating. I felt pretty good today so it wasn’t really up for me to decide. I need to go out there tomorrow, have a full practice. If I go through that, it’ll be good.”

Does he think he can play without practicing in full first?

“I think I could compete whenever I’m called on. It isn’t like I haven’t been working off the field. I’ve been running as much as I can on the elliptical and the bike, pool work, whatever I can do, I’ve been doing. I’m not really worried about that part.”

“To get him back would be great,” said OC Kevin Gilbride. “The problem is, just getting him back is one thing, what level is he able to play at, is the other.  That’s what we’ll have to wait and see.” 

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