In This Crapshoot of a Season, One Last Roll of the Dice For the Giants

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

Who are these Giants and which team will show up from week to week has become a popular parlor game in these parts. We dare you to predict which team will come out of that tunnel in Baltimore this Sunday afternoon.

Will it be the flat, listless Giants we saw last week against the Falcons, or the dominant hustlers we saw whip San Francisco, Carolina, New Orleans and Green Bay with such alacrity?

Step right up and try your luck.

The truth is, no one really knows. The Giants can dazzle, or baffle, depending on the opponent. ┬áThe Ravens have faded after such an ambitious start. They may just meet the Giants somewhere in the middle of their free fall and the Giants’ identity crisis.

This game was billed as one that might have the makings of great theater, another late Sunday afternoon coup for FOX and the NFL. They originally had it slated for 1 pm, but wisely flexed it a few weeks ago to 4:25.

Not so fast. A lot has happened since then. The Ravens have tanked. Even though they are headed toward the postseason thanks to their great start, they are playing horrible football and have even relieved their offensive coordinator of his responsibilities. Three straight losses have jeopardized their chances at a division title.

The Giants you know all about. They heave ebbed and flowed ambiguously through another second half of a season. They find themselves cornered again with their backs against the wall, mainly brought on by their own inability to take advantage of gift-wrapped opportunities.

This week will reveal everything about Tom Coughlin’s team. If there ever was a time for them to put out, it’s this week. A loss would basically doom their season and proliferate the sentiment that many of their aging players – and some coaches – need to be replaced.

The Daily News Live crew discusses the Giants’ upcoming game against those struggling Baltimore Ravens.