Giants-Packers: Each Team Looking For Revenge This Week

The Giants dusted off the 15-1 Packers last January in the NFC Playoffs en route to the Super Bowl. Green Bay called that win lucky. This past summer, in an interview with YaHoo Sports, Packers LB Clay Matthews said:

“We picked the most inopportune time to play our worst ball. The fact is, they didn’t beat us; we beat ourselves. We need to play our best ball when it counts. This year, I expect us to be right back where we should be.”

The Giants, naturally didn’t really buy into Matthews’ assessment. At the time, DE Justin Tuck simply said the matter would be settled on the field. Yesterday, Tom Coughlin was asked the difference between last year’s road playoff win and the regular season home loss to Green Bay:

“Well, I think we were playing better. Obviously, we played very, very well that day and quite frankly we were plus-three in Green Bay. We were minus-one here and plus-three in Green Bay.”

Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy was asked if losing to the Giants in the playoffs last year has anything to do with this year”

“I don’t think so. It’s part of our preparation. I think it’s only natural when you play a team the prior year, and obviously we played the Giants twice last year, it’s part of our video study. That’s really about as far as it goes. We’ve had the offseason to deal with how our season ended and we’re really just focused on the video study and what they’ve done to date. We’re going to come out and play our game.”

The LoudMouths discuss whether the Packers or Giants are looking for revenge in Sunday’s game.