Week 16 Staff Predictions: Giants will go out like lambs vs Lions

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

If you can imagine an offense that contains a former No. 1 overall pick at QB, a former Heisman Trophy winner at RB and the best WR since Jerry Rice you’d be hard-pressed to think they’d be fighting for their playoff lives this season.

But that’s where the Detroit Lions stand at this point in time. They need to beat the Giants today to stay in the thick of the NFC playoff picture. I think they will.

The Giants might be the perfect team for the Lions to be playing right now. The Giants, with 39, are the only team to commit more turnovers than the Lions (31) in the NFC this season.

The Detroit d-line will prove to be too tough for the Giants’ makeshift offensive line to handle, and without Victor Cruz, Eli Manning will have to find other options to throw to.

The Lions have a practically unstoppable pitch-catch combo with Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson and the Giants have not had much success against the top QBs and wideouts this season. Let the misery continue….Lions 27, Giants 14

Jim Mancari, Contributor

After a brutal loss Monday night, the Detroit Lions are due for a bounce-back performance, and the Giants are looking like the victims.

At this point, the games for the Giants don’t matter, unless they want to play for pride and potentially finish the season on a high note. But with locker room rifts and just overall poor play, most Giants are simply praying for the end of the season.

Calvin Johnson had a very uncharacteristic performance, so he could be poised for another big game, especially with the Lions hanging on to playoff hopes.

For the Giants, just don’t get embarrassed again. Based on last week, scoring a touchdown — or even just a field goal — would be considered an improvement.

Both teams make plenty of mistakes, so this one will come down to which team can hang onto the ball more often. Lions 30, Giants 20

Tom Uddo

Another tough one for the Giants, as the Lions are fighting for their proverbial playoff lives. The defense may be able to capitalize on the turnovers made by Matthew Stafford and Lions offense, but I think Megatron is going to hurt them with the deep ball, especially if Stafford gets time.

With the only capable threat in their offense, Victor Cruz, out for the remainder of the season, it wouldn’t surprise me in the Giants resorted to FG’s for their only scoring of the day, but I think they will find the endzone at least once. I have been optimistic for a majority of the season, but after last week’s embarrassing performance that left them with a giant donut on the scoreboard, I can’t see the Giants winning this one. Lions 31, Giants 10

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

John, Jim and Tom,

Although you all predicted the Giants to lose, I am shocked that you honestly think the Giants will make this a competitive game against the lions in Detroit.

John: Expecting the Giants to score 14 points is like 28 points for other teams. The Giants offense is so bad right now that I would be shocked if they get 10 points. Do you honestly think that Manning will have enough time to throw the ball with the front 7 of the Lions. Do you honestly think that the Giants will consistently run the ball well enough against the Lions front 7. This could be the game that Manning might get hurt as he will have numerous sacks and knockdowns and hurries.

Jim: Giving the Giants credit to score 20 points amazes me (didn't you watch the last 2 games). All year long you've been way off with your picks. Predicting the Giants will lose by only 10 points is unbelievable. The Lions are going to get at least 30 pts and probably have almost 500 yards in total offense.

Tom: At least you have a more realistic expectations with the Giants than John and Jim. Can't argue with you at all.


@Michael Stewart I was a little off with my prediction, but as I did predict, the Lions would play a sloppy, undisciplined game. Jim Schwartz also sealed his fate by getting into a expletive-laden exchange with fans behind the bench...


@Michael Stewart The Lions are a sloppy team who are poorly coached. They turn the ball over way too much and commit far too many penalties to blow anyone out. They may give the Giants the ball with favorable field position on more than one occasion this afternoon.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@SNYGiants  I must give you guys credit for your pre-game analysis. I will admit my error for over thinking and giving the Lions more credit than they should have been given. I tip my hat to you guys, nice work.