SNYGiants Staff Predictions: Will Pride Matter to the Giants? Only if They Can Tackle

Kel Dansby: The Giants will give their final gutsy performance of the season against the Eagles. The pass rush will look elite against this Eagles offensive line & turnover prone Mike Vick. They’ll collect the victory but fall short of the playoffs. Giants 27, Eagles 17

Sam Spiegelman: All season we’ve seen the Giants rise to the occasion when need be, but when their playoffs lives were at stake — against Atlanta and Baltimore — they failed to show. I expect the Giants to give it their all vs. Philly, but I’m afraid it’s too late and the odds are stacked against them. Giants 23, Eagles 16

Jim Mancari: The Giants need to win to keep any slim hope of a playoff berth alive. I believe they will beat the Eagles, and in fact I believe they will beat the Eagles soundly. But I’m not confident that all the other teams that need to lose will all lose. It could happen, and the great thing about sports is that it can happen. The Giants just need to worry about themselves and hope for a little bit of luck. Giants 31, Eagles 17

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

The Eagles are kryptonite to the Giants. New York cowers and melts in their presence. Andy Reid’s crew has a way of knocking the Giants off their pins and forces them to become a different team. But these are not the same Eagles as in years past, or even the team that topped the Giants, 19-17, in Week 4.

Michael Vick has not played in six weeks. Their 18.2 points per game on offense is the lowest since Reid’s first season with club (1999). On defense,  the Eagles have already surrendered 402 points this year, seven shy of the franchise record of 409 set in 1967.

Big deal. Throw out all the numbers when these two teams get together.

I would love to pick the Giants here, but they way they’ve played (or not played) the past two weeks makes that difficult. Throw in the fact that the opponent is the Vick Eagles and you have no logical basis for picking the Giants. Their secondary is shot and the Eagles will be looking to expose it the way they usually do. The Giants also can’t tackle and are now faced with trying to wrap up two of the most elusive players in the league in Vick and McCoy. The only way the Giants win this one is if Philly gives it away with penalties and turnovers.

Forget all of this pride nonsense and talk of desperation and ‘backs against the wall’. This team cannot win enough individual battles to play cohesive football. The pass rush isn’t getting home, the linebackers look confused and the secondary can’t cover. The offensive line isn’t protecting Eli, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz have not been factors and the running game has been basically useless because the team has constantly been playing from behind.

The Giants are playing their worst football at the worst possible time. Sorry, folks, no way they win today. Hope I’m wrong.  Eagles 27, Giants 20.