Morris, Redskins the Latest to Trample the Giants’ Run Defense

from Jimmy Kempski of Blogging the bEast:

Redskins ball, 1 point lead, 3:51 left on the clock:

  • Griffin for 8.
  • Young for 4. First down.
  • Morris for 2. Giants burn their 2nd time out.
  • Skins’ patented play action 10 yard slant to Garcon for 17. First down. Two minute warning.
  • Morris for 4. Giants call last time out.
  • Morris for 3.
  • Morris for 6. First down. Ballgame.

The Giants knew the run was coming, and they couldn’t stop it.  That’s not the first time that has happened this season.  In Week 1 against the Cowboys in a “bleed the clock” scenario, DeMarco Murray ran for 1, 7, and 3 yards to seal the game, but the Giants were bailed out on a Jason Witten hold.  They then converted a first down pass on 3rd and long to seal it.  Then later in the season, in another obvious “bleed the clock” scenario, the slow-footed Isaac Redman broke off a 28 yard run to put the Giants away.

The Giants are 21st in Run D, giving up 121.8 yards per game. They’ve gotten big early leads in four games this season against the Panthers, 49ers, the second Cowboys matchup, and the Packers.

If you exclude those games, here is what the opposing lead back has done against the Giants in games in which they weren’t forced to abandon the run:


Opposing RB Att Yards Avg TD
DeMarco Murray, Cowboys 20 131 6.6 0
Doug Martin, Buccaneers 20 66 3.3 1
LeSean McCoy, Eagles 23 123 5.3 0
Trent Richardson, Browns 17 81 4.8 1
Isaac Redman, Steelers 26 147 5.7 1
Alfred Morris, Redskins 22 120 5.5 0
BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Bengals 15 50 3.3 0
Alfred Morris, Redskins 22 124 5.6 0
TOTAL 165 842 5.1 3

That 5.1 yards per carry average is very concerning.  In today’s NFL, there’s a perception that the run game doesn’t matter all that much anymore, that it has become a passing league.  To some degree, that’s true… on offense.  There are teams that have QBs and weapons in the passing game that are so good that they can move the ball even without a competent run game.  Look no further than the Giants’ 32nd ranked rushing attack last season that won the Super Bowl.  However, on defense, you better be able to stop the run, or you’re in big trouble.

The Skins steamrolled the Giants last night to the tune of 207 yards on the ground.  While the Skins run more of an exotic rushing attack, the Giants still knew it was coming, and they couldn’t stop it.  I wonder how fixable that is.