Friday Morning Hangover: Rocky Mountain Low

Giants Play Like Turkeys: Get Gobbled Up in Denver, 26-6

“Little Blue” Outplayed, Outcoached and Flat-out Embarrassed……….

giants09Where would you like me to start….?

On offense, where Eli Manning looked like a rookie running a new offense with garbage protection and no help from his receivers or the running game…?

Or on defense, where the line got pushed around by lesser athletes and the linebackers and d-backs looked like an over-40 touch football team….?

How ’bout special teams, where the Giants continue to do the ordinary (if their lucky)……

Or, the coaching staff, who has lost the ability to ignite any type of fire under this listless group …..?

The only redeeming quality about last night’s mail-order performance by the Giants is that it was broadcast on the NFL Network, so millions across the country were spared the anguish…..

Unfortunately, New Yorkers did not miss this game.  And if the Giants do not qualify for the playoffs (which now seems likely), fans and pundits will be calling for a major overhaul.

Tom Coughlin will have to sit in front of Jerry Reese and re-apply for his job. Based on their history, Coughlin’s chances won’t be good.  His coordinators won’t even get that opportunity.  They’ll be fired long before that.

Bill Cowher is in New York a lot these days working for CBS Sports.  I hear he likes it here……..