Open Thread: Can the Giants’ Defense Get the Job Done in San Fran?

The Giants scored 20 points in both of their contests vs the 49ers last season. The way things are looking right now, that might not be enough to get it done against a much-improved San Francisco squad.

The Blue is averaging 30 points per game thus far, but they’ll be hard-pressed to reach that number on Sunday. The Niners have given up only ten points in their last ten quarters. Ouch.

Traditional thought tells us that a good defense always beats a good offense. But San Francisco has a good offense, too.

QB Alex Smith is the league’s highest-rated passer. Their running attack is averaging over six-yards per carry. And how are the Giants going to handle TE Vernon Davis, who burned them on multiple occasions last year?

Do the Giants have a good enough defense – healthy enough defense – to hold down this balanced attack of the 49ers? Hold them down enough to compete in this game?

How do you see it?