Gilbride: Eli not in decline; needs an outside WR

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

This offseason, the Giants creatively used their available cap space to revamp their roster. They cut ties with many veterans and took paycuts from others.

One veteran they haven’t gone to for cap relief is QB Eli Manning, who’s cap number of $20.4 million would have strangled them had the league not raised the cap to $133 million.

Conventional thinking is that the Giants do not want to ask Eli for any givebacks because by doing that they would have to extend his contract beyond 2015, something they are not comfortable doing at this point.

They want to first see him return successfully from the ankle injury that ended his season last December and second, bounce back from his worst season performance-wise as a Giant.

There is also a mindset floating around that Eli’s best day’s are behind him. Kevin Gilbride, who was ousted as Giants’ OC earlier this year, says that is just not the case.

From Mike Florio of PFT:

“There’s been no deterioration of his arm strength, there’s been no lack of preparation and effort,” Gilbride said on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk yesterday. “I think he’s going to be fine as soon as they solidify the offensive line. They certainly made a move to do that by bringing in three interior offensive linemen and as soon as they get somebody that’s going to be productive for them as an outside receiver — Victor Cruz is terrific, but they need somebody that when they go match up, bump and run [and] go win for them.”

So is Eli in decline?

“I think that’s, to be honest with you, ludicrous,” Gilbride said. “I think he’s going to be fine. . . . He’s going to throw the ball to the right person and he’s going to throw it accurately.”


Maybe a good wr hides his decline too,but the fact that he has two bad years in a row is alarming and time to have a backup plan because three strikes and your out.


Eli having two excellent WRs actually covers his deficiencies, as we have gotten used too (and have become more glaring last year with Nicks basically mailing it in and the oline in shambles).

Eli's problems throughout his entire career have not changed: his accuracy isn't fantastic, he still makes throws off the wrong foot, and he will still make blind throws instead of taking a sack. Also, the occasional duck throw (his spiral is far from tight). He is who he is.

Peter Sinapi
Peter Sinapi

His best years were the years where he could just loft one up to Plax or Nicks. That's what he needs.


ON the DECLINE: The GIANTs Drafting...

ON the DECLINE: the GIANTs O-LINE... as in,

LT-Beatty, C-BAAS, RG-SNEE, ect, ect....

ON the DECLINE #1 WR Nicks....

ON the DECLINE #1 TE ???....

ON the DECLINE #1 & #2 RB's....

ON the DECLINE, Play Clock Management....

ON the DECLINE, Roster Depth....

....... What you REEP, is What YOU SOW !!!

Peter Sinapi
Peter Sinapi

Oh you mean Eli needs Mike Evans? Kelvin Benjamin?


i would agree with gilbride eli is not in decline this is who he is an interception machine who doesn't value ball security as much as he should.

eli has led the league in interceptions three times since 2007 and has thrown many more in other years, so him being able to recover from his disastrous 2013 campaign is certainly likely, still he is a qb who puts the d in precarious positions more than he should. 

strengthening the d and getting quality wide receivers is the best way to deal with this problem since he has shown the habit of throwing too many interceptions even when the o line was solid and giving him good protection, he is who he is and to believe otherwise is fools gold and not trusting what you see on the field of play and letting your heart trump his obvious deficiencies, the blame game isn't fair to his teammates or getting the problem solved.

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

@cole3244  Personally, I think the Run and Shoot offense is something that will lead to higher interception rates for QB (the offense that Gilbride has been running for the past 25 years).

In that offense - the receiver reads the defensive back and cuts in, out or up depending upon how he reads the coverage.  Since many passes are thrown in the middle of a receiver running their route - it is important that the QB and the WR make the same read.

In a more traditional offense, the receiver is running a set pattern.  In the run and shoot, if the receiver and qb make different reads, it can lead to some ugly interceptions.

Last year, all of this was compounded by the fact that the line was porous at best, there was no running game - and Nicks was  shell of himself.  I think that Eli will have a rebound season this year - just hope that either Randall is ready - or they find another option (besides Cruz) on offense.