Eli: Please Ask Me the Elite Question Again

Giants QB Eli Manning has two Super Bowl titles to his credit. He sat down with the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen to discuss the Super Bowl experience and gaining an elite status as a quarterback. He jokingly answered the below….

Eisen: Do you think he (Baltimore’s Joe Flacco) needs to win this game to be considered an elite QB in this league?

Eli: You know, I don’t know if it matters. There no real definition ‘You have to do this to be elite’. I try to eliminate that word from my vocabulary as much as possible. But I think every quarterback in the league next year will be hoping that someone asks ┬áthem the elite question because once you get asked, you automatically make it to the Super Bowl the following year. So, I’m hoping they ask me again. Bring it back up….start asking me again. I want to start answering questions about it.