Eli injury has Giants preparing for life without him

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

No matter which version you believe of how Eli Manning (re) injured his ankle, the facts this morning do not change. He’s laid up for the next six weeks – at the least – and possibly beyond.

Yesterday, Dan Graziano reported that Manning was down at Duke doing ‘football stuff’ but was doing basketball stuff as well:

“Eli Manning had ankle surgery Thursday, one day after photos surfaced of him, his brother and some of their teammates on the basketball court at Duke. So if you are wondering whether Manning re-injured his already-sprained ankle playing basketball, you’re not out of line for asking.”

I’m not against guys getting in a little recreational activity here and there. That is, unless they don’t get hurt and jeopardize their livelihood. Eli, by admission, was still feeling the effects of the injury, which he sustained during the Giants’ season finale last Dec 27th.

The Giants had hoped the ankle would heal with rest. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t. But suspicions are arising over the ankle’s overall stability and if even the operation will solve the two-time Super Bowl MVP’s problem.

From Ken Belson of The New York Times:

“Removing calcium deposits, scar tissue and bone chips from the high ankle area is uncommon, according to Dr. Steven Weinfeld, an orthopedic surgeon and the chief of the foot and ankle service at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York. However, the surgery suggests that Manning has had issues with pain rather than with instability. Surgically stabilizing the ankle is a more complicated procedure with a longer rehabilitation period.

Weinfeld said it would take months to determine whether the injury had completely healed. Manning will most likely wear a protective boot for weeks and only begin running after about six weeks. Several more weeks of activity will be needed to find out if Manning can move without pain.

“Once you start running, you won’t know right away,” he said. “Getting hit by a 300-pound lineman is certainly different than someone twisting their ankle.”’

So, it’s no wonder the Giants are scouring the countryside for QBs with NFL experience. They aren’t necessarily looking for backups, they’re looking for someone who will be able to start. They’re preparing for the worst while hoping for the best.

This is a scary time for the Giants, even though they are downplaying the injury and subsequent surgery. They have never been without their leader and need him now more than ever. All the changes they made over the past few months may not matter if their most important player isn’t in the lineup.


Draft Johnny Manziel if he still is available when we pick???


We need Aaron Murray. He'd thrive in a McAdoo system with Cruz and Randle. Let's get it done!


I don't have a problem playing starters at the end of the season, even if it has no post season implications. Some players might need that game too hit certain incentives/bonuses as well.

The real problem is in order to be a consistently relevant team you need to have a contingency plan. Especially for QB. The good teams over the years have shown this (perfect example being Rodgers to replace Farve, or if you want to go back farther Young to replace Montana). I think this is what the Giants where thinking when taking Nassib. Clearly, they still think he isn't ready or more realistically don't see a future starter as the projection.

Over the next two years we need to find our future. It's as simple as that. Even if Eli gets extended.



There are NO GIANTs WithOut ELI......

ELI was hurt because he was in a GAME,

that he shouldn't have Been in..... PERIOD !!!

Was RG3 in the Game " NOPE, Why... ???"

WHO's ever JOB it is to PROTECT the FRANCHISE..... FAILed...


with the NO ACCOUNTABILITY "NYG's Status Quo"...

nothing will be done.......

the NYG's NO Longer have a System of Checks & Balances....

This is Why the NYG are NO LONGER a TOP SHELF FRANCHISE.....


Manziel shouldn't go to a big market like NY, the media would have a field day. He would be nothing but a distraction.


@Skookaloop I wouldnt go so far as to say they arent top shelf. But agree that the fallout from that last useless run continues to grow. Really the whole starting unit should have sat that game, but at the least, Manning should have sat. And at least in the second half, .

But you know... Mike Pope is gone, so at least they got the person responsible for ruining the season.


@mcfly  He's the next Tim Tebow. Let him rot on someone else's bench.


@jwill @Skookaloop  

Bottom Line-----

the NFL is BIG BIZ,

in BIZ,

you Protect your MOST VALUABLE Assets,

at ALL Costs....

this ELI Debacle is GROSS NEGLIGENCE....

a TOPSHELF Organization,

 would have Pulled ELI after the 1st set of Downs...


@Michael Frias @Skookaloop @jwill  

Apples & Oranges---

in 2007,

there Where Plenty of REASONs to Play Your Starters,


Name 1 reason to Play ELI,

in the Last Game of a Horrible Season....

that stated 0-6,

your #1 Goal,

is to make it out HEALTHY !!!


has PULLed there FRANCHISE QB,

and your QB has been Sacked 39 times,

your O-Line is into the 3rd string players...

the LT, is having his worst Season as a Pro....

Your #1 WR, #2WR and #3WR's are ALL HURT,

Cruz didn't even dress,

Nicks was Limping,

Randle had a Twisted Ankle.........

....... This was an EZ Call...

that a TOP SHELF FRANCHISE doesn't MISS.....

the NYG's feed ELI, to the WOLF's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@Skookaloop @jwill I wonder what you take was when TC didn't rest his starters against the Pats back in 2007.  In a game that meant nothing.  Many players cited that game as the reason when they went into the playoffs with so much confidence.