Wilson Gives Giants Fresh Legs at the Right Time

With Ahmad Bradshaw hurting again, the Giants have turned the rookie RB/KR David Wilson to carry them the rest of the way. Wilson responded Sunday with a 327 all-purpose yards and scoring three TDs. He has gone from the depths of the Giants’ bench to the featured weapon on offense and special teams in a matter of days.

When the Giants drafted Wilson, stories of his legendary speed preceded him. Unfortunately, he did not master all facets of his position right away, which pushed him down the depth chart. Injuries to Da’Rel Scott, Andre Brown and now Bradshaw have forced the Giants to escalate Wilson’s star more quickly. It is another testament to the Giants’ patience and planning. What other team can pull a player this talented off their bench in Week 14 and have him dominate a game?

He emerges just at the right time, the end of the season when teams are dragging ass. The speedy Wilson can burn opponents even in normal circumstances, but his legs are fresh and theirs are not, making his speed and ability even more obvious. Advantage: Giants

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