Let’s Be Clear: Blackburn is the MLB

Chase Blackburn (93) forcing the game-clinching fumble Sunday vs Washington

We wanted to post this up yesterday when we heard it, so we’re behind the news curve with this. It is based on the below exchange between Tom Coughlin and the media pool regarding the future of the MLB spot…..

Thoughts on Chase Blackburn forcing two key turnovers:
Coughlin: Plays hard, smart. Constant motion. You watch the guy play, he’s always talking, moving, always making sure that he communicates with his teammates. Always trying to put people in the right spots, always coming up, it seems, in those situations where he can be a factor in a play even if it’s as you say, not the original. He comes to try and make something happen to the ball which their team was very good at, too.

There was speculation that Chase Blackburn could lose his spot to Mark Herzlich if he didn’t have a great start to the season…Is he the kind of guy where it’s just difficult to get him out of the lineup?
Coughlin: He’s most difficult. His acumen is so sharp. He takes great pride in the communication part of it. Mark has learned a lot from Chase.

Do you think Mark would be ready to start?
Coughlin: I think Mark will be a good middle backer going forward because he’s learning from a good one.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

May I add that the Giants’ defense did not start to resemble a unit after Blackburn returned last November. The team took off from there.

That cohesiveness has continued  into this year. The Giants are 5-2 with Blackburn in the middle. He leads the Giants in total tackles with 42 and had 10 more against Washington on Sunday. He’s a little hard to replace right now, if you ask me.

I like Herzlich, and he is coming along, but right now Chase is the guy. End of controversy.