Fennelly on Football: Parcells’ Career Complete With Hall Call

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

I’m a little bittersweet about yesterday’s Hall of Fame announcements, but like any subjective process, it’s not perfect. Former Giant coach Bill Parcells made it in while DE Michael Strahan did not.

Congrats to Bill. No worries for Michael, who had to be disappointed, but think of the upside: He can gain election next year when the Super Bowl is held here.

Parcells was elected in what many felt was a no-brainer. It’s ludicrous that he had to wait several years to gain entrance just because he pissed off some of the electorate over the years.

It’s Parcells!!! He’s not a nice guy. He can be friendly, but he’s got a way about him that keeps you at arms’ length. He was a terror to work for and a horror to play for at times but he got you to where you needed to go. Very few former players and assistant coaches will say otherwise but they wouldn’t trade their time under him for a minute.

Parcells turned groups of bums into winners. He did it his way and never wavered. When teams go to hire a new coach in this day and age, who is the measuring stick? Parcells, that’s who.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s exhilarating to join an elite group,” Parcells said from his Jupiter, Fla., home as per Jim Corbett of USA Today. “I’m just grateful for those ahead of me…..It was a little less stressful than last year. Last year was the first time I was up. I knew I was going up against (former Patriots, Jets tailback) Curtis Martin. I was kind of hoping we’d get in together. It didn’t work out….that being said, I’m happy to get in now.”

I have no problems with some of the inductees. Larry Allen may have been the best offensive lineman in NFL history. Guys hated to play against him.

Jonathan Ogden was a HOFer right out of the box. He was almost a Giant, btw. He was taken fourth overall in 1996 by Baltimore. The Giants drafted fifth that year. Who did they take? Cedric Jones. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time…

Cris Carter should have been in already. He was truly a great player and gamer. I am actually pleased he finally got the call. Sapp has nothing over Strahan and he is the pick that surprised me. Not that he doesn’t belong in the Hall, but I just don’t feel he should have gone in before Michael, that’s all….

The veteran picks are always a toss-up for me. Mainly because most of us did not get a steady diet of them because they rarely played on TV. Sure, you’ve heard and read about them but not enough to make any type of determination – especially if they played in out-of-market places and in the old AFL.