Week 16 Final: Giants 14 vs Ravens 33

Fourth Quarter

– 3rd downs are easy for the Ravens today. They could take a knee on the first two plays of each drive and still convert easily. This giants defense is a joke and they’ve lost all f what made them champions last season.

– The Ravens settle for a FG but take 6 minutes off of the clock with that drive. Their lead is now 23 points and the Giants must hope for a miracle collapse.

– Giants go 3 & out once again and I feel like a broken record. The team is packing it up and looking towards the Eagles next week in what could be their last game of the 2012 season.

– The Giants make another defensive stop and the Ravens will add another 3 points.

– The Giants are content to just put together one solid drive before the end of this game. They aren’t looking to win at this point but they need to get something positive going into next week.

– Eli Manning gets a garbage time TD pass to Domenik Hixon. This drive was still very choppy and didn’t do much for the confidence of this team moving forward.

– The Giants have at least one more game to prove that they care about making a run into the playoffs.


Third Quarter

– The Giants defense forces a 3 & out right out of the half but now it is up to the offense to put together a scoring drive. The Giants receivers have been completely taken out of this game, Cruz has one catch and Nick went the first half with out a reception.

– Th Giants return the favor by going 3 & out for their 5th time in 7 possessions. At this point Kevin Gilbride would be better off letting fans tweet in suggestions for the Giants plays during their offensive drives.

– JPP jumps offside and gives the Ravens the opportunity to pick up a first down. The Giants can blame most of their late-season troubles on their lack of discipline.

– Webster called for a bad pass interference call but that is what happens when you allow receivers to beat you all game, the referees can’t believe when you make a good play and throw a flag.

– On 3rd & 20 Corey Webster allows 36 yards; Webster is the laughing stock of the entire league at this point.

– The Ravens have targeted Webster on 4 consecutive plays before their 3rd down attempt. Webster will soon be starring in his own Southwest Airlines, ” Want to Get Away?” commercial.

– The Ravens are held to a field goal but a 20 point lead is basically insurmountable with the play this Giants team has exhibited.

– The Giants offense has more miscommunication and it leads to a sack on Eli Manning during a crucial 3rd down play. The offense is just as bad as the defense at this point and even with Webster’s struggles the offense is more to blame for today’s loss.



Second Quarter

–  The Giants continue to have negative plays offensively that lead to stalled drives. On the last possession Ngata’s sack took the Giants away from their game plan.

– The Giants defense is allowing the Ravens to chew up yardage and time of possession. The defense isn’t built to play from behind anymore and their best games have come when the offense affords them a large lead.

– Ray Rice already has 50 yards on 9 rushing attempts begin this game. The Ravens can beat this Giants team in whichever way they choose.

– Corey Webster allows another TD and at this point the Giants have no chance in this game if they continue to leave him one on one with these Raven receivers. The Ravens are on pace to score 50+ points in this game and they haven’t even broken a sweat.

– Webster is bailed out by a bad call by the referees and the Giants defense allows only 3 points. The team is still alive in the game but the lead feels almost insurmountable because of the lackluster plays of the team as a whole.

– Penalties once again stop a promising Giants drive, a hold on Snee and an offensive pass interference on Hixon force the Giants to punt once again. That is now 4 punts in 5 drives for the Giants.

– Torrey Smith makes an incredible catch along the sideline and there’s no surprise that he was covered by Webster. Flacco has no worries when blindly throwing the ball to Webster’s side.

– The Ravens are 6 of 8 on 3rd downs in the first half and the defense shows no signs of getting better.

– Ray Rice exposes the Giants secondary and with one minute to go in the half the Giants have done everything but rolled over in their most important game of the season.

– A too many men on the field penalty on the final play of the half, in which the Ravens were just trying to kneel, sums up the entire first half for this Giants squad. They can’t even do something right when the other team gives them a negative play.



First Quarter

– The Ravens offense seems to target the receiver that lines up opposite against Corey Webster. Webster has struggled down the stretch and isn’t half of the player that he was last season. The Giants still don’t have a true #1 corner back which is why this secondary is victimized on a weekly basis.

– The Giants defense continues to struggle and allow an opening drive touchdown.

– The defense really shows it’s lack of depth and play making ability on 3rd down without the NASCAR package that made them so dangerous last season. Phillips isn’t available to fill the 3rd safety roll that is necessary for the formation to hold up on the back end and Tuck’s absence leaves them one pass rusher short.

– A false start on Chris Snee move the Giants back and leads to a 3 & out on this opening drive.

– The Giants aren’t eliminated if they lose today’s game but they may as well pack up their lockers if this is the effort they are going to give for the remainder of this season. They aren’t showing any sense of urgency and the offense seems lost on the field.

– The Ravens continue to pick on Corey Webster and it results in a 43 yard completion to Torrey Smith down to the 1 yard line.

– Joe Flacco puts the finishing touches on the Ravens second consecutive touchdown drive. They have found the Giants weakness and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

– Eli Manning & the Giants rely on two rookies to push them up field for their first score. First Reuben Randle high points a deep Eli Manning throw to move the Giants into Raven territory and then David Wilson takes it in from 12 yards away on a shotgun sweep run.

– The Giants defense makes its first stop of the game and it has added importance due to the momentum the offense gained by scoring a touchdown.