Injury Update: Nicks, Bradshaw Say They Came Through Game OK

Giants WR Hakeem Nicks (4 rec, 67 yds, 1 TD) is playing through knee and foot problems, but he refuses to let those ailments keep him from participating as the Giants close in on a possible playoff berth. He was slow to his feet after several plays yesterday and limped around a bit after some others. He was asked if he came through the game physically OK.

“I came through physically okay,” Nicks said. “Sometimes I think I may have come down a little on my knee but I’m so used to doing it, it goes away in about a play or two. So it just comes and goes.”

He went for x-rays after the game and told reporters “everything was good.”

RB Ahmad Bradshaw left the game in the first half with a left knee injury. Everyone was relieved when he came back after halftime and resumed his starting role. He did not seem to have his usual explosiveness, finishing the game with 11 carries for 33 yards.

Tom Coughlin did not seem overly concerned about Bradshaw after the game. He knows his RB will tough out any injury thrown his way at this point of the season:

“I’m sure he is going to be sore as he always is, but he was able to go back in.”

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

We’ll see how these two make out as the week goes on. They will continue to be evaluated and neither will probably practice Wednesday when the team reconvenes. Just because they say they escaped the game unscathed, that does not make it so. Tests will be done on Bradshaw’s knee and Nicks will be watched closely.