Bradshaw to the Jets Appears Unlikely

Yesterday, Ahmad Bradshaw mentioned that the Jets could be a possible landing spot for him this season. We told you we didn’t believe the Jets – who are basically hitting the reset button this spring – would have much interest in signing him.

Manish Mehta, who covers the Jets, appeared on NFL AM this morning via phone. Mehta mapped out the pros and cons of the Jets bringing Bradshaw aboard. Looks like the cons are too great for the Jets right now:

“On the surface, he appears to be an attractive option and the Jets clearly need a running back to compliment Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight.

Bradshaw’s only 26. He’ll be 27 next month. He’s got a 4.6 YPC career average. So it all looks good, but when you look at it a little bit closer and examine the laundry list of injuries, you see all the red flags. 

He’s had issues with both feet, both ankles, his hand, his neck. He’s missed time over the two years due to injury He played a lot of that time in pain. So, I don’t think that’s a risk the Jets are willing to take. Those durability concerns are just too great to the Jets.

Let’s be honest, in a make-or-break season – at least in Rex Ryan’s mind – so I think they’re going to look elsewhere….In another month or do, you don’t know where Bradshaw is going to be in his rehab, if he’s even going to be up and walking, so I think the Jets will look at other options.”

Yesterday, the DNL panel debated the idea of Bradshaw switching from Blue to Green: