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The BBB team is always on the beat. With news updates, expert analysis, quotes, multimedia, photos, links and original features posted throughout the day and all year round, BBB is the place thousands of Giant fans come to get their daily football fix.

BBB provides everything fans need to know about their beloved Big Blue – both past and present – and also features analysis on the media, video games, fantasy football, the business of football and the fan experience.

John Fennelly – Lead Writer

John Fennelly has been covering the New York Football Giants on the internet since 1997. He has been published on dozens of prominent websites and in major periodicals and has been heard on sports talk radio stations all over the dial.  Before embarking on his career as an accredited NFL journalist, John held several management positions in a successful 25-year career the financial industry.

Based in New York City, he has a degree in Media Studies (which encompasses film, new media forms and print, radio and television journalism) from Queens College and has been involved in several dozen internet endeavors over the course of the past two decades.

He has been at avid follower of Giants football for 47 years, attending his first game in 1967.

In addition to being the Lead Writer / Managing Editor of SNY’s BigBlueBlitz.com, John has contributed, founded, consulted and advised on many other sports sites across the net.

If you wish to interview, contact or collaborate with John, please email him at johnfennelly37@gmail.com

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