Combine Run-up: Mayock likes WR, OL for Giants

The NFL Network’s Mike Mayock was asked on a conference call yesterday what he felt the Giants should do at No. 12 in the first round of this year’s draft:

“I think wide receiver and tackles make a lot of sense right there and I think regardless sitting at 12, you’re either going to get the third tackle or the second or third wide out if you were interested in that wide out.

So I think Taylor Lewan is a guy that can get there and if he got there, I’d jump all over him. And if all three were gone, you could still make a case for Zack Martin. I think he’s a better ‑‑ he’s very similar to Justin Pugh who they took a year ago but I think he’s a better prospect, and then I’d also be wide open to looking at that wide receiver position and again, looking at Marqise Lee, Mike Evans, I think sitting at 12, they are going to get one of those three guys, or could get one of those three.”

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Wise man. The Giants really can’t go wrong here. They will have a lot of players that are still high on their board to choose from. The offensive tackle prediction is an easy one.

The Giants cannot be happy with Will Beatty and want some insurance should his performance continue to slide. Hakeem Nicks, even if he stays, is still nowhere near what he was 2-3 years ago, WR isn’t a bad way to go. If you can get a good one, why not?


GIANTs Must GO O-Line 1st...

ELI,  left the Last Game HURT...

the NFL's Ironman...

went DOWN because of a weak O-Line...

Protecting ELI is PARAMOUNT !!!

The GIANTs are at the CROSS ROADs....


Starters are needed in half the positions,

OT, OG, OC, RB's, TE, LBer's, CB's and DT....

a 2 Draft Fix:

1st. OT T. Lewan - Michigan

2nd. OC/OG T. Swanson - Arkansas

3rd. CB L. Purifoy - Florida

4th. CB K. McGill - UTAH

5th. WR L'Damian Washington - Missouri -- 6'4", 205lb's, 4.39/40

6th. RB J. WILDER - Florida State

CRUZ, RANDLE & JERNIGAN, is a Good Start...

the GIANTs will Carry 6 WR's on the Roster...

1 WR will come from the Draft,

2 Spots are up for Grabs....

REESE's Special 1 & DONE Deals for the Rest...

Hold Off on the LBer's,

The GIANTs will have a NEW DC next Year,

going Back to a HISTORIC, 3-4 in 2015....

Draft 2015

1st. LBer

2nd. LBer

3rd. LBer

4th. DT

5th. RB

6th. WR

7th. TE


Thank you john,

Someone who thinks reasonably about what the giants like to do. Honestly I am tired of looking at linebackers being chosen for the giants. 30 years people and counting. This is obviously an organizational philosophy.

I have said this before if you look at the giants drafts I think there are certain patterns you can glean. I think it is important to understand positional value and every team may be different.

From where the giants sit I think Reese will value a couple of positions OL, DB, DE, and WR. One can make a case that this teams needs an upgrade at DB but the need for a WR to replace Hakeem or OL talent is a bigger need right now.

I said the same names earlier lewan, Martin, Evans, Benjamin, and lee are names to keep in mind.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

OT and WR are arguably the deepest position in this years draft. GM Jerry Reese needs to have a very good draft since the last two have not panned out as well as he liked. Drafting a player from a position of extreme depth/strength in the 1st round when you have other needs to address; where the depth isn't as deep (ie: OLB,CB,DL) doesn't make much sense.


bpa but if the available talent at 12 isn't exactly what they want trade down a few slots and try to pick up an extra 3rd to 5th round selection.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@jaymanjay Good points. Martin, Evans, Benjamin and lee are top prospects and any team that drafts them should be happy. However; as I mentioned in my comment, the OT and WR position in this years draft is arguably the deepest positions. The Giants aside from OT and WR, have other needs such as CB, OLB, RB, DL and TE that aren't as deep as OT and WR. Passing on the above named prospects might seem crazy, but the Giants could draft top prospects at the OT and WR anywhere between rounds 2-6. Let's not forget a lot depends on what GM Reese  does in free agency. Personally, I would much rather sign a LT with NFL experience (as long as its within the Giants budget) to protect Manning. Expecting a rookie LT to protect Manning at the NFL level is a lot to ask.


@Michael Stewart .... Depends on the LT. What if for some reason one of Robinson or Matthews slid down to 12?  Highly doubtful, but again, the Combine hasn't completed yet, and it was also highly doubtful that Amukumara would slide down as far as he did. So the point is, your draft board has to have plenty of flexibility built into it. Drafting instead based on need is only going to pigeon-hole the Giants into selections they may come to regret, rather than manipulating selections based on IMPACT and TALENT.

I'm still of the opinion Reese finally wavered last year on his BPA strategy by selecting Pugh. Pugh was definitely a reach and position of need at the time. They were better off selecting DT Sheldon Richardson. Had they done so, they could have let Linval Joseph walk this year and saved his money for other positional needs; and they wouldn't have had to draft Hankins in the 2nd round as well, which would have freed up that draft pick for a different OL, CB or LB in the 2nd round who wouldn't have been quite the reach Pugh was. Let's face reality here. Pugh had a pretty good rookie year, but he was FAR from a sure bet to succeed.